The Delta Project

The Delta Project is one of Second Life's major suppliers of weapons and gear. It was formed in 2007 by Scio Kamachi, Dwayne Oliva and Maldoror Bowman, members of the Syndicate in the Lost Angels role play sim, who had previously collaborated in making roleplay devices for the syndicate. The first weapon to be released was the EPW-S, and other high tech weapons such as the M41a 'aliens' gun, currently the Delta Project's best selling weapon. Later comms devices became a speciality, first the simple DX-9, and later the group-oriented DX-11 and the top range DX-15, the first comm in second life to the then new http-in technology. A new range of weapons, the Delta Historicals, included a number of accurately modelled 19th century weapons, and later the popular steampunk range was added. The core scripting technology used in the historical series has been made available to other developers in the delta gun pack.

The Delta Project now makes weapons for all common Second Life combat systems and has recently launched a new roleplay line including healers and doors. The main emphasis has always been and remains innovative design and efficient scripting, combined with the highest standards of support.