Delta comms

Delta Project is among Second Life's leading suppliers of comm systems. From the simple DX-9 individual comm to the top end DX-15, there are comm solutions designed for individual and groups of all kinds.

This page contains a comparison of the DX-9, 11, 13 and 15 systems.

Delta comms compared

AvailabilityNowNowJune 2010Now, limited
Comms technologyChatChatChatHTTP
RangeSimSim and adjacent simsSimSecond Life
SecurityEncryptionEncryption, authenticationEncryptionHTTP
AuthenticationNoneGroupNonemysql database
Controller requiredNoYesNoNo
Out-of-world linkageNoNoNoYes
UsersOne (5 and 10 packs available)Unlimited10Unlimited

Note that at present the DX-15 is in restricted supply, because of the use it makes of web bandwidth. Contact delta to discuss a purchase.