Ebony/Ivory pistols

Ebony and Ivory are a pair of pistols, but are not twins. Each is a powerful gun in its own right, packing powerful .45 ammo in clips of 8, and equipped with a full range of accessories — scope, silencer, flashlight and laser. Each is customised, but in different ways: Ebony was built for accuracy and firepower, Ivory for speed and ease of handling.

The pistols can be used individually, but they work best as a pair. With both equipped, the user has a choice of five cooperation modes between the two guns. For most pairs of guns in Second Life, if you draw the guns and hold one in each hand, each gun will fire. Ebony and Ivory on the other hand work together to allow you to choose the firing sequence followed.

Two of the modes have special enhanced 'devil trigger' modes. Devil trigger uses demonic energy to make specially powerful rounds, though for a limited time and at a cost. Ebony's devil trigger round is a sniper like round that can reliably targetted across several sims. Ivory's is a fast though inaccurate bullet-sprayer, giving temporary unlimited ammo and allowing you to fire as fast as you can click. Devil trigger rounds only work when both guns are drawn and the gun with the devil trigger round is being used alone.

The guns come with holsters in which unused accessories may be stored, a control HUD and a scope HUD. There is a choice of three CCS rounds as well as Linden damage and roleplay rounds. Devil's trigger is a CCS feature.


  • Left and right pistols with holsters, control HUD and scope
  • Choice of three CCS enhanced rounds, roleplay and Linden damage rounds
  • Five cooperation moves allow the user to determine how the guns are fired
  • Devil trigger damage adds a sniper (ebony) or fast fire (ivory) round
  • Free updates for life

Quick start instructions

Quick start instructions

  1. Rezz the box, open it and copy the contents to inventory.
  2. Find the folder called '[Delta] Ebony/Ivory pistols 1.0'
  3. Wear the objects called 'Ebony' (left hand attach) and 'Ivory' (right hand).
  4. Wear the two holsters (optional)
  5. Wear the control HUD and the Ebony Scope HUD (optional)
  6. Activate the gestures in the folder.


  1. What's in the box
  2. Ebony/Ivory in detail
  3. Cooperation modes and devil trigger
  4. The HUD
  5. Using the guns independently
  6. Voice commands
  7. Damage and statistics
  8. Hints and tips

1. What's in the box

In the folder you have unpacked you will find

  • Ebony
  • Ivory
  • Ebony (holstered)
  • Ivory (holstered)
  • The Ebony/Ivory control HUD
  • The Ebony Scope HUD
  • a set of gestures to simplify operation of the weapons
  • a notecard with a briefer version of this page
  • a pose stand in case you want to edit the attachment of the weapons

The weapons gestures and voice commands are pre-set to Channel 5. Should you change this, the gestures will need to be modified to reflect the new channel. All voice commands referred to in this manual assume the default channel of 5

2. Ebony/Ivory in detail

Throughout this section we assume you will be using both guns. In fact it is possible to just wear one of them, or to wear both and control them separately. This will be discussed in section 3.

To draw the weapons you may either:

  • type /5draw in chat
  • press the Shift-F11 key to engage the gesture
  • click the red strip on the butt on the control HUD

Note: You can draw and holster a single gun by clicking its holster.

To fire the weapon enter Mouselook by clicking on the 'mouselook' icon or pressing the M key while the main chat is disabled, and click the left mouse button. To exit Mouselook, press your Escape key or press the M key again.

To reload the gun type /5reload in chat or use the Shift-F9 key. The magazine of each gun holds eight bullets.

By default the guns will reload automatically when they are empty. Automatic reload works separately for each gun.

To holster the weapon,

  • type /5holster in the main chat or
  • hit the Shift-F10 key to start the gesture or
  • Click the red strip ojn the butt in the control HUD

To select ammo

  • type the name of the ammo you want as a command, e.g. /5ccs1 or
  • use the Ctl-F9 key to use the gesture or
  • click the red bullet symbol on the HUD

The gesture and HUD will advance to the next ammunition, so you need to use them as often as necessary to bring up the ammo you want.

To get information on the gun, click it when it is attached. You will see a message telling you:

  • The version of the gun
  • For each gun, the kind and amount of ammunition loaded
  • The cooperation mode
  • Whether autoreload is enabled
  • The channel for voice commands

3. Cooperation modes and devil trigger

When both guns are drawn, they may cooperate in a number of ways called cooperation modes. These are as follows.

bothFire both guns together
updownFire ebony on mouse down and ivory on mouse up
altFire alternately
leftFire just ebony
rightFire just ivory

When both guns are held but one of the single fire modes is selected, devil trigger is available. Devil trigger rounds are special rounds charged with demonic energy, and charging the gun costs one racial point. Devil trigger rounds will then be available for 30 seconds. Ebony's does 4 times normal damage (8 if you have been stationary for 5 seconds) and travels an unlimited distance regardless of gravity. Ivory's devil trigger round removes the normal 1 second delay between shots and also removes the need to reload; however, it is slightly inaccurate.

To select a cooperation mode

  • type /5 coop followed by its name or
  • press the coop icon on the HUD or

To select devil trigger (you must be a single gun mode)

  • type /5 dt or
  • press the devil icon on the HUD

Provided you have both guns drawn, you can set a single fire mode and enable devil trigger with a single keystroke: use Ctl-F10 for Ebony and Ctl-F11 for Ivory.

4. The HUD

The HUD is an optional controller for Ebony and Ivory. Anything that it does can also be accomplished with chat commands, but using the HUD saves you having to remember all the command names. If you decide to use the HUD, you need to attach it at the top of the screen, or it will behave strangely when you minimize it.

The above image shows the control HUD, with added numbers to identify active areas. These are as follows:

  1. Click to add or remove the scope.
  2. Click to reload
  3. Click to change ammo type
  4. Click to add or remove silencer
  5. Click to turn light on or off
  6. Click to turn laser on or off
  7. Click to draw or holster gun
  8. This shows the current cooperation mode (see table below). Click to move to the next one.
  9. Loaded ammo type for left and right gun.
  10. Number of shots remaining for left and right gun
  11. Gun controller: if you wear both guns but want to use the HUD to configure just one click here until you see the gun you want to control
  12. Help buttons, see below
  13. Press the arrow symbol to minimize the HUD
  14. Press for devil trigger: this image only appears in left and right mode

The three top right buttons give various forms of help. The left button switches the HUD to help mode, in which clicking on a point gives help on what that area does. The middle button gets the quick reference notecard. The right button opens this guide.

If you wear the Ebony Scope HUD, it will appear on screen whenever Ebony is drawn, its scope is fitted, and you are in mouselook. The moving white dot is a motion detector; it rotates fast when you move and then slows down over a period of five seconds once you are still. This allows you to see whether you have been stationary long enough to fire a devil trigger round that scores maximum damage.

5. Using the guns independently

It's possible to wear just one gun. If you do this you probably also want to wear the matching holster. Either gun can be used independently in this way.

It's also possible to wear both guns and control them separately, for example, to draw or reload one but not the other. The simplest way to do this is to use a command such as /5left reload to reload just the left gun.

If you wear just one gun, the little icon in the top left of the HUD will show just that gun and all HUD commands will affect that gun.

6. Voice commands

All commands will use channel 5 unless you have changed the setting.

Any command may be preceded by the word left or right to control just that gun.

drawDraws the weapon
holsterHolsters the weapon
guideTakes you to the online guide
helpGets quick reference card
reloadReloads the weapon
silencer XFits or removes the silencer (on or off)
scope XFits or removes the scope (on or off)
light XTurns the light on or off
laser XTurns the laser on or off
ccs1Sets the CCS life bullet
ccs2Sets the CCS stamina bullet
ccs3Sets the CCS mix bullet
rpbSets the bullet for DCS and other roleplay sims
ldbSets the bullet for Linden Damage
coop XCoop mode (both, updown, alt, left, right)
dtDevil trigger
autoreload XAutoreload (X is on or off)
colorSet laser color
statWeapon status (same as touching the gun)
channel XSets the channel for voice commands to X

7. Damage and statistics

  • Bullet capacity: 8
  • Time between shots: 1s
  • Time to reload: 3 seconds
  • Bullet speed: 115 m/s
  • Effective range of weapon: 100m (unlimited for ebony devil trigger round)

CCS ammo

  • ccs1: base damage + 2% LIFE
  • ccs2: base damage + 2% STAMINA
  • ccs3: base damage + 1% MELE + 0.5% LIFE + 0.5% STAMINA

RP ammo

  • RP system dependent

LD ammo

  • Bullet 25 damage

All damage figures are multiplied by 4 in devil trigger damage on Ebony. If the user is stationary the damage is doubled again, giving a maximum of 16% LIFE on ccs1 for example.

8. Hints and tips

Mouselook Zoom:

Zoom in mouselook - Invaluable for distance work, press Ctrl-8 to zoom out, Ctrl-0 (zero) to zoom in and Ctrl-9 to reset it to normal. The zoom factor WILL mean the difference between hit & miss on far away targets. You get up to 13x nearer...

Don't forget to Ctrl-9 when done, it's really weird doing anything in normal mode at 13x zoom.

Draw Distance:

From your Client's menu, pick Edit > Preferences, go into 'Graphics', look for 'Draw Distance' and change this value to up to 512m for those far away targets. Just don't forget to change it back to the original value when you're done, as it takes a lot of machine resource to draw all the objects in a 512m wide area.

Dual controls

Remember you can control the guns separately. For example, you could have CCS life ammo in one gun and CCS stamina ammo in the other.


The project was visualised and the model was made by Corvus Dryke. Animations, as well as lots of useful suggestions about how the guns should operate, are due to TheMinus Ziskey. Thanks to the Delta QA group for help testing.

Change log

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