Energy Pulse Weapon - Sniper Variant

Version 1.13

Delta's flagship EPW-S sniper rifle is a fully equipped sniper rifle with scope, silencer and a multipurpose lam, drawing power from an energy reserve that allows the user far greater flexibility than conventional bullets. Rather than requiring the user to carry and load a sackful of different bullets, the EPW-S delivers damage using a single energy bolt that can be configured to any of a large number of damage profiles stored in the gun's RAM. Different profiles use more or less energy, but once the gun is charged it's possible to switch profile without the need to recharge. The profiles cover simple kinetic damage, which will work in most combat systems, linden damage for damage enabled land and no fewer than 15 specialised CCS profiles.

The EPW-S is configurable in other ways too. Its camo plates can be switched to any of 11 textures to suit the environment in which the gun is used. The user can choose from a range of fire modes, postures, poses, sound sets and many other options. To make this complexity easier to manage the EPW-S comes with a control HUD and a menu system, as well as voice commands for those who prefer to control all the details.

Early versions of the gun showed a tendency to become unstable at high charge levels and version 1.12 is fitted with a safety device that limits charge to safe levels. Only experienced users should disable the limiter. Delta engineers have tested a number of experimental damage profiles using energy levels achieved only by overcharging, but access to these profiles is not supported.


  • Energy-based tactical Sniper rifle with limited secondary assault functionality
  • Linden, roleplay and 15 different enhanced CCS Bullet types
  • Attachment options: Laser, Scope, Flashlight, Silencer, LAM
  • Camouflage option (11 types) to help you blend into your environment
  • Operator Interfaces: HUD, Menus, Voice command
  • Favorite ammunition lists - preset your 4 most used ammo types for quick access
  • Free updates for life

Quick start instructions

  1. Rezz the box, open it and copy the contents to inventory.
  2. Find the folder called 'EPW (S) v1.13'
  3. Wear the objects called 'EPW-S' - it attaches to the right hand, and 'EPW-S (slung)' - attaches to Spine
  4. Activate the gestures in the folder.
  5. If you want, wear the targeting HUD - attaches to Centre & control HUD - attaches to Top Right.


  1. Basic Operations
  2. HUD Usage
  3. The EPW cell
  4. Ammunition Types
  5. Attachment Options
  6. Customisation
  7. Full Command List
  8. Useful Hints
  9. Changelog

1. Basic Operations

The weapons gestures and voice commands are pre-set to Channel 5. Should you change this, the gestures will need to be modified to reflect the new channel. All voice commands referred to in this manual assume the default channel of 5

The EPW-S has a number of control systems, so when instructions are given below they describe alternative ways of setting the gun, and you need to choose the one you like best. The options given will be some or all of the following:

  • Voice: This will be a command that you type in the chat bar preceded by a channel indicator, usually /5. For example /5 reload.
  • HUD: This will tell you where on the control HUD to click. For example, click the red reoad button to reload. The control HUD is discussed in section 2.
  • Gesture: Gestures are short cuts for voice commands, a few are supplied and its easy to make others. Where a gesture is supplied the entry will tell you which key to press. For example Shift F9
  • Menu: To get the menu either type /5 menu or press the Delta logo on the HUD. We don't keep telling you this, the instructions assume you know how to find the menu. When the command you need is on a submenu we give the menu name first separated from the item by the characters ->. For example <System> -> <Sounds> -> Scheme 1. If you are using the HUD it has four shortcuts for the submenus <Ammo>, <Mode>, <Stance> and <Attach>.

Drawing, Slinging and firing the weapon

Firstly Wear the object called 'EPW-S' which attaches to the right hand, and then 'EPW-S(slung)' which attaches to the spine.

CCS users: This is a two-handed weapon. Attaching another weapon to the left hand breaks CCS rules.


  • Mouse: left click on the slung weapon;
  • Voice: /5 draw
  • HUD: click anywhere on the inactive control HUD
  • Gesture: Shift F11


Enter Mouselook by clicking on the 'mouselook' button (or pressing the M key while the main chat is disabled) and click the left mouse button. To exit Mouselook, press your Escape key or press the M key again.


  • Voice: /5 sling
  • Gesture: Shift F10

Recharging (reloading) the weapon

The weapon has a 100 unit energy capacity (magazine) which is reloaded upon being expended, or can be reloaded manually as follows.

  • Voice:/5 reload
  • Gesture: Shift F9
  • HUD: click on the Red Reload button
  • Menu: Reload

The fire mode of the weapon determines how many bullets it fires at a time.

  • HUD: Click 'F MODE' and select from menu
  • Menu: <Mode> -> mode
  • Voice: Type a mode name as a command

Modes are as follows

This mode will fire a single shot, and the left mouse button must be pressed again before another shot can be fired.
This mode will fire three rounds in quick succession, then the left mouse button must be pressed again to fire another three rounds.
This mode will continually fire rounds in rapid succession until the left mouse button is released, or the internal charge is expended, or you leave mouselook.

2. HUD Usage

There are two HUD's included in this weapons package.

The first is the EPW-S Control HUD. This HUDattaches to the Top Right position as default and is visible both in normal and Mouselook views. The diagram below explains this HUD's functionality.

The second is the EPW-S Targeting HUD. This attaches to the Centre position and provides a target reticule and other tactical information. This HUD is only visible in Mouselook. It does NOT track or lock onto a target

3. The EPW cell

At the heart of the EPW is the cell, a uniquely flexible power unit that the output morpher can use to power a whole range of ammunition. The energy cell has a capacity of 100 units, and each form of ammunition uses a certain amount of this. For example, an ordinary bullet uses 1 unit.

The beam generator uses energy from the cell to accelerate particles from the hadron injector (viewed right in the test rig in Delta labs) to very high energy levels. The cell is connected by a shielded Plezinski loop a few microns across to an array of high capacitance transitory plasma cells which is in turn are connected via the damage synthesis processor to the beam emitter. For brevity operators refer to the plasma cell as the gate. The beam is not driven directly from the cell to the emitter (this would lead to a highly unstable discharge) but is modulated in the gate. The gate processor contains logic to format white energy from the cell into structured damage packages using the currently selected template. The number of shots that can be pre cached in this way is called the clip by operators. Packages in the plasma cache are emitted to the beam in sequence as the operator depresses the trigger.

The following points need to be born in mind:

  • energy that has been preformatted to a damage pattern cannot be returned to the cell. In the event of an ammo change, any damage packages in the gate are lost.
  • the clip depends on the ammo type. Format cells are filled from the rear, the rearmost cell being connected to the gate trigger, so that when are cells are exhausted the gate is automatically recharged from the cell. If the cell contains insufficient energy to charge the gate, the operator must insert a new energy cell.
  • in active use it is important to understand the distinction between gating and reloading. The ammo display on the HUD shows the number of charged cells in the gate, while the charge display shows the charge remaining in the cell. The red light to the left of the ammo display flashes fast while the gate/formatter is operating and slowly during a reload. The gate unit emits an audible hum when active.
  • the time requires to gate energy is proportional to the total charge drain to the cell, so that for an ammo with a clip of ten and a cost of one the operator will detect a perceptible delay as 10 units of energy are gated but will then not experience further delays between shots.

Note: The cell is in fact capable of holding up to 500 units of charge, although supplied rechargers can only hold 100. The cell is capable of incremental charging, but the supplied E886(100)d cells cannot safely be used in this way, and have been known to degrade the cell's retention field to the point where the cell discharges completely, with attendant risk of injury or death to the operator. To avoid this the cell has been fitted with a safety device that discharges any retained energy fully before a recharge cell is loaded.

Delta Corporation will not be liable for any damage caused to the operator by operation of the override control disabling the pre-discharger.

4. Ammunition Types

Ammo choice

  • HUD: click on 'AMMO' on the HUD and select from the menu
  • Voice: type in the ammo type in the main chat e.g. /5 stbb for standard CCS ammunition.
  • Menu: <Ammo>

The weapon comes with a range of different ammunition types.

Standard types
lobb210Low Lag ammoKinetic damage round
Damage-enabled types
ldbb21Linden damage ammo100 damage
CCS types
stbb21Standard CCS damage ammoCauses base damage (currently 10) + .5% LIFE
xxbb41RacialsNamed after the ten races. These do 1% LIFE + 1% MELE damage to targets of the selected race. Replace xx by a two letter code for the race: an(gel), cy(borg), de(mon), hu(man), ly(can), ne(ko), si(dhe), su(pernatural), u(n)d(ead), va(mpire).
snb201SniperCauses LIFE damage depending on stance:

  • Standing 2% LIFE+2% MELE
  • Kneeling 5% LIFE+5% MELE
  • Prone 10% LIFE+10% MELE

Tank Armor, perception affect the MELE component. Prone/kneeling bonus means you need to remain still for several seconds (5 for kneeling, 10 for prone). Both stances are lost if you move more than slightly.

ssnb201S-SniperCauses STAMINA loss depending on stance:
  • Standing 4% STAMINA
  • Kneeling 10% STAMINA
  • Prone 20% STAMINA

These are maximum figures, the actual figure is a random value between the value in the table and half the value.

dabb501DazzlerFires base + a berzerk spell of 15 second duration. Users should think carefully about how best to use this round. It makes the person shot (a) very aggressive and (b) very strong. If you shoot the guy ahead of you in the bus queue he will probably turn round and kill you. This is a good round to fire into a bunch of enemies.
dibb501DisruptorFires 1 Disruptor causing timed damage lasting 90 seconds at 25 damage per tick.

Note that for the final two rounds, effects will succeed/fail based on the target's will and other probability factors.

Energy vortex bullets

This section of the guide has been deleted as a condition of the issue of compliance documentation.

Favorite Ammo:

This weapon has the ability to set your favorite 4 ammunition types or other commands on a quick select basis.

In the following replace N by a number from 1 to 4.

Set up

  • Voice: An example would be: /5 setfav 1 snbb. This would set ammo 1 on the HUD to sniper bullet
  • Menu: <Fav Ammo> -> AN

To clear a favorite set it to a blank string.


  • HUD: click on the button N on the HUD
  • Gesture: Shift F12; this cycles through the favourites stored
  • Voice: use the command aN

5. Attachment Options

The EPW (S) comes with several attachment options.

Tachyon Dampener (Silencer)

This muffles the sound of the weapon for use in those situations where stealth is required.

  • Voice: /5 silencer on
  • Menu: <Attach>->Silencer ON

To remove, follow the instructions with off in place of on.

PID Target Designator LAM module

This device provides the operator with either a targeting laser, or a bright flashlight for use in the dark.

  • Voice: /5 lam on
  • Menu: <Attach>->LAM ON

To remove, follow the instructions with off in place of on.


  • Voice: /5 laser on
  • Menu: <Attach>->Laser ON (the LAM must be attached or the option will not appear)

To deactivate, follow the instructions with off in place of on.


  • Voice: /5 light on
  • Menu: <Attach>->Light ON (the LAM must be attached or the option will not appear)

To deactivate, follow the instructions with off in place of on.

Note: The laser/flashlight will not function unless the LAM is attached.

ES4P650 Scope

This device offers unparalleled optical quality for targeting your enemy at extreme range./p>

  • Voice: /5 scope on
  • Menu: <Attach>->Scope ON

To remove, follow the instructions with off in place of on.

RIS rails

Aesthetic effect only, this shows/hides the RIS rail mounting system

  • Voice: /5 rails on
  • Menu: <Attach>->Rails ON

To remove, follow the instructions with off in place of on.

6. Customisation

There are a wide range of customisation options available to the user.

3 positions of firing stance.

The positions are called stand, kneel and prone. To use standing stance:

  • Voice: /5 stand
  • Menu: <Stance>->Stand

Instructions for kneel and prone are similar. Kneeling and lying prone increase the damage of sniper rounds.

Color scheme

You can change the weapons colour scheme to blend in more with your environment (or simply to look cool).

There are 11 different colour schemes:

Color modes:

  • Black (base standard scheme)
  • White
  • Steel
  • Carbon

Then there are the camouflage modes:

  • Urban
  • Multicam
  • DMarpat
  • ACU
  • Night ACU
  • Tigerstripe
  • Marpat

  • Voice: /5 camo NNN
  • Menu: <Camo>

Gun Poses

You can adjust the way you hold your weapon to one of 6 different poses.

  • Menu: <System> -> <Gun pose> -> Pose N
  • Voice: /5 gpose N

Laser Color

You can choose from a range of pre-set laser colours. The menus give you a small number of named choices. Using the voice command you can set any RGB values you like.

  • Menu: <Visuals> -> <Laser col> -> name
  • Voice: /5 color <r,g,b>

Changing weapon listen channel

You can choose from a range of pre-set voice channels.

  • Menu: <System> -> <Channel> -> N
  • Voice: /5 channel N

Note: any gestures you use, will need to be modified to reflect the new channel

Muzzle Flash

This is disabled by default. Note that flash is never seen when the silencer is attached.

  • Menu: <Visual> -> Flash ON/OFF
  • Voice: /5 flash on/off

Click action

You can determine what the gun does when you click it. As shipped, clicking is bound to the stat command, but for example you may want to set it to sling the gun.

  • Menu: <System> -> <Click> ->sling
  • Voice: /5 onclick sling

The voice command allows you to set any command. The menu offers you four options: stat, menu, sling, reload.


This utility allows you to check the current settings of your weapon. An example will show the information given.

Delta EPW-S v1.12
Selected ammo: Std CCS
Charge: 96/100
Shots remaining at this cost: 48
Fire mode: semi
Favorites: None
Muzzle flash: off
For online guide see

To check status do the following:

  • Menu: <System> -> Stat
  • Voice: /5 stat

7. Full Command List

drawDraws the weapon
slingSlings the weapon
helpGets the quick reference card
guideVisits the online guide
overchargeOverrides the max charge limiter. Dangerous.
silencer onoffAttach, unattach silencer
scope on/offAttach, unattach Scope
lam onoffAttach, detach LAM
laser on/offActivate, deactivate laser
light on/offActivate, deactivate flashlight
rail on/offAttach, unattach RIS Rails
flash on/offEnable, disable muzzleflash
standStanding position
kneelKneeling position
proneProne position
gpose 1 - 6Selects one of the 6 gun poses
semiSemi-Automatic Fire rate
burstBurst Fire rate
autoAutomatic Fire rate
channel xChange weapon listen channel (1 - 10)
sound 1 - 3Firing sound selection (1 - 3)
camo XSet camo X
shine 0-3Set shiniess (0 is not shiny, 3 very shiny)
color Set laser color r, g, b are red, green, blue values form 0 to 255
statCheck weapon status
setfav N xN is 1-4. Sets one of the HUD numbered buttons to the command x (usually an ammo command)
onclick xSets action on clicking to the command x (menu, stat, reload and sling are all useful choices)
resetResets user options as they are set when the gun is shipped.
menuBrings up the Main Menu
ammomenuBrings up the Ammo Menu
modemenuBrings up the Fire mode Menu
attachmenuBrings up the Attachment Menu
stancemenuBrings up the Stance Menu

As well as these commands any ammo command many be used.


lobbLow Lag Bullet
ldbbLinden damage
stbbStandard CCS Bullet
anbbAngel racial
cybbCyborg racial
dabbDazzler Bullet
debbDemon racial
dibbDisruptor Bullet
hubbHuman racial
lobbLow Lag Bullet
lybbLycan racial
nebbNeko racial
sibbSidhe racial
snbbSniper Bullet
ssnbbS-Sniper Bullet
stbbStandard Bullet
subbSupernatural racial
udbbUndead racial
vabbVampire racial

8. Useful Hints

Mouselook Zoom:

Zoom in mouselook - Invaluable for distance work, press Ctrl-8 to zoom out, Ctrl-0 (zero) to zoom in and Ctrl-9 to reset it to normal. The zoom factor WILL mean the difference between hit & miss on far away targets. You get up to 13x nearer...

Note: Stand still and use single shot for sniping, it's a lot more accurate

Don't forget to Ctrl-9 when done, it's really weird doing anything in normal mode at 13x zoom.

Draw Distance:

From your Client's menu, pick Edit > Preferences, go into 'Graphics', look for 'Draw Distance' and change this value to up to 512m for those far away targets. Just don't forget to change it back to the original value when you're done, as it takes a lot of machine resource to draw all the objects in a 512m wide area.


The concept of the EPW-S was invented by Scio Kamachi who also made the model. Images on the boxes use the Warp Core Horizons scene by Novatech. Thanks to the Delta QA group for help testing.


  • Reset stationary time if user leaves prone
  • Remodelled HUD to remove unclickable alpha area
  • Correct damage message in sniper rounds
  • Completely rescripted with HUD reduced to one script
  • CCS damage switched to %
  • Added Quick Reference card
  • Minor command changes (e.g. silenceron becomes silencer on)
  • Added draw on HUD click
  • Altered gate so that charge remaining no longer includes gated ammo
  • Introduced multi-clip ammo
  • Changed damage levels, restored racial ammo, optimised bullet script, web support.
  • Added Linden damage round, removed linden damage from lobb round
  • Upgrade to CCS API 2.3d
  • Release