Advanced Targetting and Damage Alert HUD

The ES4P-950 HUD is a spin-off of the Delta Project advanced armor development program. The HUD performs two functions: it alerts the user when incoming damage is detected, and it acts as a targetting HUD. By combining the two indicators, the user can rapidly locate and respond to a sniper or other threat. Either function may be enabled separately if desired. The HUD can be set to a number of different modes which determine the pattern displayed and also the length of time for which a target is tracked — longer for an assassination mission, shorter for crowd control. The HUD is controlled by a simple menu system and is moved out of sight when not in use so that the user's ability to interact with the environment is not impaired.

Quick start instructions

Quick start instructions

  1. Rezz the box, open it and copy the contents to inventory.
  2. Find the folder called '[Delta]ES4P-950 HUD v1.0'
  3. Wear the object called 'ES4P-950 HUD'. Note: The HUD is deigned to be attached to one of the center attach locations. Although the script does not enforce this, it is unlikely that it will work right attached anywhere else.
  4. Activate the gesture


  1. Basics
  2. Using the targetter
  3. Detecting damage
  4. The menus

1. Basics

The HUD is designed to appear only when needed. When you attach you will receive a confirmation message but nothing else at all will happen. The quickest way to check that the HUD is there is to go into mouselook. The HUD will then appear in the center of the screen.

If you want to change the way the HUD behaves you will need to use the menus. The easiest way to get to the menu is to click the HUD, but if you are in mouselook this requires some skill: you need to hold down the alt key, right click on the HUD and then select Touch from the pie menu. In case you have difficulty we have provided a gesture as well, so Ctrl-F12 will get the menu (if you're curious, the gesture just says 'hudmenu' on channel 333, so you can do that instead if you like).

2. Using the Targeter

The targeter shows details of the avatar nearest to your line of fire. In the image on the left above, the name of the target and other information is shown in the green information panel. The green needle and the altitude line show how you need to orient to shoot closer to the selected target. The center bar of the altitude marker is the correct height so at the moment we are a little high.

Depending on the profile set, the targeter also has a very narrow focus cone. This is shown by a red inner circle. In the roght hand image we have lowered our aim a little and the target is now very close to the cross hairs. so the focus cone has switched on.

In sniper mode, once a target has triggered the focus cone, that target will remain selected even if it moves out of the focus cone or if another target is temporarily closer. To clear the target swing away and back. In other modes the target shown is always the one closest to the line of sight.

3. Detecting damage

The image shows detection of incoming damage. A projectile has to be travelling faster than 15m/s to trigger damage detection. The red panel shows source details. The calculation of distance is not exact and in this case has failed completely (the attacker is too close).

4. The menus

Hide/ShowThe show setting causes the HUD to be visible all the time; this is not recommended.
Damage ON/OFFActivate or deactivate the damage sensor that shows the most recent incoming damage
Target ON/OFFActivate or deactivate the targeter that shows a selected target in green. Activating the targeter causes the HUD to be displayed when in mouse look.
HIDE/SHOW namesThis allows you to suppress the display of names by the targeter. This is more realistic and may be required in some roleplay sims.
SetupAllows you to configure the HUD's behaviour and appearance.
HelpGives you the quick reference card
GuideOpens this guide
ExitLeaves the menu. Don't ever press ignore: it renders the targeter useless for 30 seconds.

The Setup menu lets you configure the HUD. There are three profiles that determine how the HUD follows a target. You can also choose from three sizes and dswitch the sounds on or off.

SniperThe sniper profile has a very narrow focus cone and once the focus cone is activated, it locks to that target until the target passes out of view.
AssaultAssault has a wider focus cone that activates whenever an avatar is targetted.
Hand2HandThe Hand2hand profile doesn't use the focus cone.
Large, Medium, SmallSets the size.
Sound ON/OFFSwitches on or off the target acquired beep.

Change log

  • Fixed another maths error that caused the HUD to freeze, sigh
  • Fixed maths error that caused the HUD to freeze
  • Release