MBS Haymaker Shocker

Brought to you by the Delta Project in collaboration with Benku Cain

Version 1.04

The MBS Haymakers are energy based weapons that use an innovative phase gyro (the mercury balance system) to address the stability problems usually associated with energy discharge weapons. Future Weapons of Labrador produced the original model, a combined gun and blade, but the project was dogged with difficulties because the extremely toxic nature of the dimethyl mercury required for the gyro. Undeterred by a climbing mortality rate among the workforce Future Systems made a small number of gyros mounted in a variety of frames. The project was cancelled by the Weapons Inspectorate and Future Systems were ordered to destroy all prototypes together with their supply of Dimethyl Mercury, which amounted to more than 70% of the world's total supply; but it is believed that on fact the components were disposed of on the black market, and appeared in a numbr of weapons with the generic name Haymaker (a literal translation of Labrador).

The projection unit of Haymaker series guns almost invariably uses the field stabiliser to focus a strongly directional magnetic field that accelerates a metallic projectile more reliably than an explosive charge, producing a highly accurate shot that does not require the level of stability in the gun that would be required in a traditional sniper rifle. The associated disadvantage is that the weight of the field element makes this a two handed weapon that can only be used at waist height and cannot reliably be used with sights, so that although the projectile has great range it is usually used against largish targets.

Latest version: 1.04


  • Fast long range gun with four CCS bullets including toxic charge
  • Unique animations, sounds and enhancement effects
  • Optional weapon HUD
  • Resizable, customize color
  • Optional raycast ammo
  • Free updates for life

Note This gun is designed for use with CCS only.

Quick start instructions

Quick start instructions

  1. Rezz the box, open it and copy the contents to inventory.
  2. Find the folder called '[Delta] MBS Haymaker Shocker v1.04'
  3. Wear the object called 'MBS Haymaker Shocker' - it attaches to the right hand.
  4. Wear the object called 'MBS Haymaker Shocker (slung)' - it attaches to the spine.
  5. Activate the gestures in the folder.


  1. What's in the box
  2. The Haymaker Shocker in detail
  3. Voice commands
  4. Recoloring
  5. Damage and statistics
  6. Using the HUD
  7. Hints and tips

1. What's in the box

In the folder you have unpacked you will find

  • the Haymaker Shocker and the slung version of the Haymaker
  • the HUD
  • a set of gestures to simplify operation of the weapons
  • a quick reference card
  • a pose stand in case you want to resize or refit the weapons

The weapons gestures and voice commands are pre-set to Channel 5. Should you change this, the gestures will need to be modified to reflect the new channel. All voice commands referred to in this manual assume the default channel of 5

2. The Haymaker Shocker in detail

To draw the gun you may either:

  • Left click on the holstered weapon
  • type /5draw in chat
  • click the picture of the gun on the HUD
  • hit the Shift-F10 key to engage the gesture

To sling the gun again type /5sling in the main chat, click the picture on the HUD again or hit the Shift-F11 key to start the gesture.

To reload the gun you may

  • type /5reload in chat
  • Click the R button on the HUD
  • hit the Shift-F9 key to engage the gesture

The gun will reload when empty: autoreload is always enabled in the Haymaker series.

3. Voice commands

drawDraws the gun
holsterHolsters the gun
reloadReloads the gun
channelSets channel for voice commands
colorChanges to the required color
handle NMove the handle to position N (0-100)
statGet Haymaker data
testray on/offSwitch on or off chatter about ratycast targets
helpGet Quick Reference card
guideAccess online guide

4. Resizing and recoloring

The Haymaker cannot be resized in the editor as it is no mod. However, you may adjust the size using a menu. To obtain consistent results wear both sheathed and unsheathed version at the same time.

Wear the weapons and say /5resize in chat. A menu of options also appears: either choose the amount by which you want to increase or decrease the size, or select Reset to restore the weapon to its size when shipped. The menu reappears until you select Done.

When you choose a resize option, the Haymaker has to resize prim by prim. This may take a little time. Don't issue another command or otherwise use the blade until both forms have told you they are done. Make sure you keep a copy of the original Haymaker in case you mess it up. Note: You can get the latest package at any time from a Delta redelivery terminal.

To recolor the weapon, make sure you are wearing both blade and sheath. Draw the blade and then issue the voice command /5color.

If you just use the command /5color then a menu of colors will appear. You can also add an rgb code (for example <255,0,0> for red), or the word def to restore the original color.

After you have sized the weapon correctly for your avatar, you may wish to adjust the position of the handle so that it is as close to your right hand as possible. The chat command /5handle N will adjust the position; N must be a number from 0 to 100, where 0 is as close to the avatar as the handle can be and 100 as far.

5. Damage and statistics

  • Bullet capacity: 40
  • Time between shots: 0.1 seconds
  • Time to reload an empty weapon: 4 seconds
  • Bullet speed: 115 m/s
  • (b4 is instantaneous)
  • Effective range of weapon: unlimited

This gun has three CCS rounds.


Bullet base damage + 1.5% LIFE


Bullet base damage + 1% STAMINA


Bullet base damage + POISON (20 damage per tick for 1 minute) (every 5th shot)


Same as b1 but uses raycast (base damage is simulated by 10 MELE). Raycast calculates the target of a shot without firing a bullet, and has both advantages and disadvantages:

  1. The bullet travels at warp speed
  2. You can shoot an object at point blank range
  3. Bullets don't work over sim boundaries
  4. Not rezzing bullets saves a lot of lag

In between, an unenhanced bullet is fired, which will do only base damage.

6. Using the HUD

The HUD is an optional extra: you can use it to issue commands to the gun. It show you how much ammunition you have left. The HUD controls, left to right and top to bottom are:

  1. (Row 1) Draw/sling. The gun image is dimmed when it is slung.
  2. Guide (?). Opens this webpage.
  3. Quick ref (Q). Gets the quick reference card
  4. Color Recolors the gun
  5. Resize (S) Resize the gun
  6. (Row 2) Ammo count Number of shots left, red when gun is nearly empty
  7. Reload (R)Reload current ammo
  8. Bullet 1 Switch to bullet 1 and reload
  9. Bullet 2 Switch to bullet 2 and reload
  10. Bullet 3 Switch to bullet 3 and reload
  11. Color indicator Shows current color

7. Hints and tips

Bullets Bullets are scripted in lsl rather than mono to reduce memory usage. Occasionally when the sim is very heavily lagged a number of bullets may de delayed and then appear in a burst: this is a restriction on rezzing of temp rezz objects imposed by Linden Labs.

HUD The HUD is entirely optional. It works by sending exactly the same commands that you can send in chat and so is not especially laggy.

Reset We are not aware of any circumstances in which the weapon will 'lock' but should this happen the simplest solution is to rezz a new weapon from the product box. If you have lost that you can get a new one from any redelivery terminal.

Zooming Although the normal alt-zoom mechanism doesn't work in mouse look, you can adjust zoom to some extent using Ctrl-8 (zoom out) and Ctrl-0 (zoom in); Ctrl-9 resets.

Range This is a fast gun whose bullets travel indefinitely (until they hit something or go off world). Its minimum range is about 3m.

Mouse look If you are in a viewer such as Viewer 2 that has no mouse look button, remember that it's possible to enter mouse look, and so aim the gun, by rolling the mouse wheel forward; unlike the M key this works even if you have chat open.


The project was envisaged and model made by Benku Cain. Animations are by Eric Boccara.

Change log

  • Fixed raycast format bug.
  • Added base damage to raycast round
  • Added raycast round
  • Corrected resizer
  • Slight modification to sound and to one animation
  • Removed unwanted texture on slung gun
  • Stop slung gun changing root color
  • Release