M41a Pulse Rifle

Brought to you by the Delta Project in collaboration with Double A Arms

The M41A Pulse Rifle is an air cooled, fully automatic, short- to mid-range combat rifle. Made of light alloy plates, it fires 10x24mm Armor Piercing Caseless Rounds from a 100 round U-bend magazine in either semi automatic, four round burst, or fully automatic rates of fire. The magazines could only practically hold 99 rounds and were usually underloaded to 95% capacity to avoid jamming. The Pulse rifle has a small battery powered digital readout screen that displays number of rounds left in the magazine; the battery is located in the handgrip. With a retractable stock and an underslung 30mm PN grenade launcher, this weapon can be used as a carbine and an assault rifle.


  • Two Handed compact assault rifle with grenade launcher function
  • Choice of five ammo profiles (CCS, DCS/roleplay, Linden damage, BNWCS, Non rezz)
  • Fully Animated, draw, sling, reload, kneel, detail sequences
  • Firemodes: Semi, Burst, Auto
  • Stances: Standing, Kneeling
  • Gun poses - multiple choice of standing gun poses
  • Switchable muzzle flash
  • Working side mounted ammo counter (Red LED)
  • Sliding 2 position stock
  • User defined voice channel options
  • Operator Interfaces: HUD, Menus, Voice command
  • Stat function to quickly see your weapons current status
  • Tactical Grenade Ranging
  • Autoreload, grenade reload can be interrupted
  • High detail, low lag, optimised scripting for best possible performance under all conditions
  • Free updates for life

Quick start instructions

  • Rezz the box, open it and copy the contents to inventory.
  • Find the folder called '[Delta] M41a BL v1.2'
  • Wear the objects called 'M41a BL' - it attaches to the right hand, and 'M41a BL (holster)' - attaches to Spine
  • Activate the gestures in the folder.
  • [optional] Wear the targetter HUD - attaches to Centre & Control HUD - attaches to Top Right.


  1. What's in the box
  2. Using the gun
  3. Using the control HUD
  4. Using the targetter HUD
  5. Ammunition
  6. Advanced features
  7. Voice commands
  8. Menus
  9. Damage and statistics
  10. Hints and tips
  11. Troubleshooting

1. What's in the box

In the folder you have unpacked you will find

  • the M41a
  • the hostered M41a
  • the control HUD
  • the targetter HUD
  • a set of gestures to simplify operation of the weapons
  • your Delta service terminal; with this you can access the web guide in your browser, or view it in world if you have Viewer 2
  • a pose stand to help you fit the gun

The weapons gestures and voice commands are pre-set to Channel 5. Should you change this, the gestures will need to be modified to reflect the new channel. All voice commands referred to in this manual assume the default channel of 5

2. Using the gun

In these instructions it is assumed that you have the command channel set to 5.

To draw the weapon you may either:

  • left click on the slung weapon
  • type /5draw in chat
  • click on the upper rail of the gun on the HUD
  • or press the Shift F11 key to engage the gesture

To fire the weapon, draw it, enter Mouselook by clicking on the mouselook button or pressing the M key while the main chat is disabled, and click the left mouse button. To exit Mouselook, press your Esc key or press the M key again.

To holster the weapon,

  • type /5holster in the main chat
  • click on the upper rail of the gun on the HUD
  • or press the Shift F10 key to start the gesture.

The M41a can fire either bullets or grenades.

To switch to grenades

  • type /5grbb in the main chat
  • press the Shift F12 key to start the gesture
  • select bullets from the ammo menu
  • or click the grenade launcher (under the barrel) on the HUD

To switch to bullets

  • type /5stbb in the main chat
  • press the Shift F12 key to start the gesture
  • select grenades from the ammo menu
  • or click the barrel on the HUD

The gun can store 95 bullets and 5 grenades. It reloads automatically when empty. You can reload manually as follows:

  • type /5reload in the main chat
  • press the Shift F9 key to start the gesture
  • select reload from the main menu
  • or click the grip on the HUD

It is possible to fire a grenade during a reload cycle. The reload will be stopped, so you must then reload manually or wait until all grenades are fired so that it reloads automatically.

While firing bullets, the gun can be fired either semi (1 bullet at a time), burst (4 bullets at a time) or auto (continuous fire until the mouse button is released or the gun runs out of ammo). To engage one of these three modes:

  • type /5semi, /5burst or /5auto in the main chat
  • select the required mode from the mode menu
  • or click the mag on the HUD

You can also fire the gun without using mouselook. Use the /5fire command for this. This is to allow you to see what the gun looks like when being fired but is of little use in combat as it is very hard to target such shots accurately. Semi mode is always used in third person view.

The gun has many other features but these should be enough to get you started. An exhaustive list of commands is given in Section 5. The gun also has a menu system that gives access to most commands. To see the menu:

  • type /5menu in the main chat
  • or click the Delta logo on the HUD

3. Using the control HUD

This HUD, when worn attaches to the Top Right position as default and is visible both in normal and Mouselook views. The diagram below explains this HUD's functionality.

1Main menu
2Stock: click to extend or collapse
3Stand: click to stand
4Kneel: click to kneel
5Trigger: click to change mode. Modes are shown by color - green is semi, blue burst and orange auto
6Draw or sling
8Gun: click to activate (orange when active)
9Grenade launcher: click to activate (orange when active)
10Remaining grenades
11Remaining bullets. Note: the bullet counter is not updated during automatic fire. It will be updated when the trigger is released.

Note: usage of the Control HUD is entirely optional, the weapon will function equally well without it.

4. Using the targetter HUD

The targetter attaches to the Centre position and provides a target reticle and other tactical information. This HUD is only visible in Mouselook.

There are two patterns, one for bullets and one for grenades, selected by the gun depending on which system is active.

In the above, the fields from top to bottom show:

  1. Bearing
  2. Angle and range (grenades only)
  3. Target distance
  4. Target name

Tactical Grenade Ranging

When in Grenade mode, the 2nd text field down provides you with:

  1. Angle of gun (Azimuth) in Degrees
  2. Predicted distance of impact in Metres

Maximum range is attained at an angle of 45 degrees. Use the targetter to assess the distance of your target, then raise the gun until the predicted distance is equal to the range, and then fire the grenade.

The range calculation assumes that you are on level ground. If for example you are lobbing grenades off the top of a building into the street they will travel ferther than the targetter predicts.

5. Ammunition

This weapon has two subsystems only one of which is active at any time. The trigger controls the active subsystem.


This fires bullets as specified either Semi, Burst or Auto fire modes.


Pump action 5 shot 30mm Grenade launcher firing High Explosive grenades

In either subsystem, the exact ammo fired depends on the active profile. There are four profiles available:

ccsCCS enhanced damageFor use in CCS sims
rpKinetic damageFor use in roleplay sims where collision with a fast physical object causes damage (DCS for example). Kinetic ammo does 5 damage under CCS.
ldLinden damageFor use damage enabled land (where you see a heart at the top of the screen)
bnwcsBNWCS damageFor bullets this is the same as rp, but for grenades it uses BNWCS splash damage
nrNon rezzPurely for show: the gun flashes and bangs but no bullet emerges. This is for roleplay use in sims that ban the rezzing of objects.

Jamming: The CCS round will sometimes jam the gun if you try to fire a complete mag in full auto. When this happens the reloader will be engaged several times to eject the jammed cartridge, and during this time the gun cannot be fired.

To activate a profile simply use the name as a voice command, or select from the profile menu. For compatbility with other Delta weapons the commands dcs, osiris and xrps are synonyms for rp.

6. Advanced features


There are two firing stances, standing and kneeling. There are three ways to change stance:

  1. Click the HUD standing or kneeling button
  2. Use the voice command /5stand or /5kneel
  3. Select kneel or stand from the stance menu

Gun Poses

There are 5 different poses used when holding the gun. You can select a single pose or allow the gun to cycle them randomly. The poses only affect your animation when standing. Selecting a gun pose while kneeling will cause you to stand. There are two ways to change pose.

  1. Select pose from the stance menu and then select one of the poses
  2. Use the voice command /5gpose N where N is 1...5 or r

You can view all the poses in the supplied pose stand.

Changing weapon listen channel

You can change the channel on which voice commands are issued. There are two ways to do this.

  1. Select channel from the system menu and choose a channel (only channels 1-9 are available this way)
  2. Use the voice command /5channel N where N is the new channel

Any gestures you use, will need to be modified to reflect the new channel. If you forget the channel you set, the stat command (which tells you the channel) will be unusable, but you can access stat from the menu as described below.

Muzzle Flare

The gun is equipped with a simulated muzzle flash activated when a bullet (not a grenade) is fired. If you have your viewer set to show your avatar in mouse view you may find this distracting and so it is possible to switch it off.

Do one of the following:

  • Enter the voice command /5flash on or /5flash off
  • From the main menu, select the system menu and then select Flash ON or Flash OFF as required

Adjustable Stock

The stock extends to allow you to rest the gun on your shoulder.

Do one of the following:

  • Click the stock on the control HUD
  • Enter the voice command /5stock in or /5stock out
  • From the main menu, select the system menu and then select Stock IN or Stock OUT as required

The stock position determines how the gun will appear in mouselook. With long stock the gun is fired from the shoulder, with short from the hip.

Clicking the gun

You can assign a command to be run when you click on the gun. For example setting the command to sling causes the gun to be slung when you click it. reload and stat are also useful choices. The default setting is menu.

Do one of the following:

  • Enter the voice command /5onclick X where X is the command you want
  • From the main menu, select the system menu and then select onclick and select the command you want (the options here are restricted to reload, sling and stat).


This utility allows you to check the current settings of your weapon.

Information displayed includes:

  • Gun name and version
  • Active subsystem (gun or grenade)
  • Active profile
  • Remaining bullets
  • Remaining grenades
  • Muzzle flash setting
  • Mode (Semi, Burst, Auto)
  • Stance (Standing, kneeling)
  • Voice channel
  • Detected equipment (holster, control HUD, targetting HUD)
  • Online help URL

To check your status

  • Select the system menu and then Status
  • Enter the voice command /5stat

7. Voice commands

By default voice commands are given on channel 5. You can change this using the /5channel command. If you forget which channel you selected touch the drawn gun and it will tell you. If you change the channel you will need to edit the supplied gestures.

All commands are case insensitive.

drawDraws the weapon
slingSlings the weapon
semiSets semi mode (1 shot per click)
burstSets burst mode (4 shots per click)
autoSets auto mode (fire until mouse button raised)
fireFires the gun in third person view
stock XSets the stock postion (X=in or out)
flash XSets muzzle flash (X=on or off)
gpose XSets gun pose (X=1,...,5)
standSets standing postion
kneelSets kneeling postion
stbbSets gun active
grbbSets grenade launcher active
ccsSets ammofor CCS sims
ldSets ammo for Linden Damage
rpSets roleplay kinetic ammo for DCS and other roleplay sims
bnwcsSets BNWCS ammo
nrSets non rezz for use on non rezz land
menuMain menu
onclick XSet action when you click the gun to X (default is menu)
channelSets the channel for voice commands (default 5)
statGun data
apd XSwitches the gun's autoprofile detector on or off
resetReset gun to its shipped state. You can't do this while the gun is drawn, so attach and then immediately reset it. As the gun is copy you can also get a fresh one by simply rezzing the product box again.
helpOpens this page

8. Menus

9. Damage and statistics

  • Gun subsystem
  • Bullet capacity: 95
  • Time between shots: 0.05 seconds
  • Time to reload an empty weapon: 2.5 seconds
  • Bullet speed: 115m/s
  • Effective range of weapon: Unlimited
  • Fire rate in full auto: 10 bullets per second
  • Grenade subsystem
  • Grenade capacity: 5
  • Time between shots: 1.5 seconds
  • Time to reload an empty weapon: 5 seconds
  • Grenade speed: 25m/s
  • Effective range of weapon: 75m

Note on grenades: the grenades in the M41a do damage based on distance from detonation. They do not cause any damage to people who are sheltered by walls, doors, other people &c. The damage is based on three zones as follows:

  • Zone 1 (max damage) is within 3m of the explosion
  • Zone 2 is outside zone 1 but within 6m of the explosion
  • Zone 3 is outside zones 1 and 2 but within 10m from the explosion
Those who are more than 10m from the explosion suffer no damage. The figures given in the profiles below for grenades take the form d1/d2/d3 giving the damage for the three zones in order from 1 to 3.

CCS profile

  • Bullet base damage + 2 MELE, base damage only in full auto
  • Grenade 60/40/20 (half LIFE and half MELE)

CCS enhanced damage is disabled when the gun is fired in third person view.

RP profile

  • Bullet system dependent
  • Grenade system dependent

Note: Kinetic ammo does an amount of damage that depends on the system in which it is used. In CCS this figure is 5 (10 in 1.0.1). All bullet targets and all those in any grenade zone will suffer this damage.

LD profile

  • Bullet 100 damage
  • Grenade 100/50/20 damage

BNWCS profile

  • Bullet standard BNWCS collision damage (depends on speed and mass)
  • Grenade 100 damage to a radius of 10m

The ND profile does not rezz projectiles.

The gun's automatic profile detector (apd) attempts to change to the required profile for any sim. The rules it uses are as follows:

  • If the CCS channel is available it will use CCS
  • If the parcel in which the sim is entered is damage enabled use LD
  • If the parcel does not allow creation of objects use NR
  • Otherwise use RP
If you prefer to select the profile yourself, switch the apd off. The profile from the last sim you were in will then be used in a new sim and if the new sim requires a different profile you will need to activate it manually.

The APD cannot detect BNWCS-enabled areas; you must set the BNWCS profile yourself.

Note that the apd is activated on entering a new sim, but not on crossing a parcel boundary. If you enter a sim in a damage enabled parcel but then move to a parcel where damage is not enabled the selected LD profile will not be changed.

10. Hints and tips

Mouselook Zoom:

Zoom in mouselook - Invaluable for distance work, press Ctrl-8 to zoom out, Ctrl-0 (zero) to zoom in and Ctrl-9 to reset it to normal. The zoom factor WILL mean the difference between hit & miss on far away targets. You get up to 13x nearer...

Note: Stand still and use single shot for sniping, it's a lot more accurate

Don't forget to Ctrl-9 when done, it's really weird doing anything in normal mode at 13x zoom.

Draw Distance:

From your Client's menu, pick Edit > Preferences, go into 'Graphics', look for 'Draw Distance' and change this value to up to 512m for those far away targets. Just don't forget to change it back to the original value when you're done, as it takes a lot of machine resource to draw all the objects in a 512m wide area.


  • The control HUD works by issuing voice commands most of which are just the same as the ones you can use yourself. If you can remember the voice commands you can do without the HUD. The gun can detect the presence of the HUD and will not send messages for things like ammo usage if it isn't attached.
  • Menus also send voice commands using an internal message, but the second life implementation of menus uses chat, so again, it's faster to use the voice commands direct.
  • There's no performance loss from gestures on the other hand, so if you know how to make gestures you can make extra ones for your most commonly used commands.
  • Muzzle flash isn't especially laggy, but many users like to turn it off because it is distracting or ugly or whatever.
  • All bullets are scripted in lsl rather than mono because of the overhead currently associated with rezzing objects with mono scripts.

11. Troubleshooting

Please read the following before reporting a problem.

  • My gun jammed! The CCS ammo will sometimes jam the gun if you try to fire off a complete mag; the M41a can unjam itself but this takes two reload cycles followed by another one to refill the gun. When using the gun in full auto, fire bursts of 10-20 shots releasing the trigger in between.
  • My gun doesn't respond to commands! Did you change the voice channel? The HUD should still work. Wear it, click the top left menu button and use the menu system to set the voice channel back to something you remember.
  • My gun doesn't rezz bullets or grenades APD may have enabled nr ammo; type /5stat to check. If you believe you can rezz ammo (for example, if the land is set to no rez but you are a member of the land group), switch APD off and select the ammo you want manually.
  • My gun is stuck in the wrong profile or mode Use the reset command or rezz a new gun from the product box. If you have lost the box you can get a new one by rezzing the certificate. If you have lost that too you can get one from a redelivery terminal.
  • My gun isn't doing enhanced damage but I'm in a CCS sim Occasionally the CCS API server is offline. Make sure you have APD switched on and re-enter the sim, then use the stat command to see which profile is enabled. If some profile other than CCS was enabled, the API is not available in the sim at the moment.
  • I tested my gun on Aragorn and it still does no CCS damage. CCS enhanced damage doesn't work on objects, only on avatars.
  • I got a message starting INTERNAL ERROR Not your fault! Those should never happen. Contact support and give as many details as possible.
If you need to report a problem, please use the support board in the Delta shop. This will put you straight in touch with a member of staff if one is online and will allow you to leave an IM otherwise.

Change log

  • Fixed LD bullet damage
  • Fixed intermittent semi failure
  • Improved grenade visibility
  • Fixed bug with nr ammo
  • Fixed HUD amo update on reload
  • Complete rescript
  • Added web documentation
  • Adjusted damage levels
  • Added damage-enabled, DCS and BNWCS rounds
  • Changed a few commands for compatibility with other Delta products
  • Added onclick to allow user to assign an action when gun is clicked
  • Added HUD prim to draw/sheath gun
  • Added APD for optional detection of sim combat system
  • Increased bullet rate in full auto
  • Switched to CCS API 2.5
  • Removed ammo counter updates during auto fire (major cause of lag!)
  • Added interruptable grenade reload
  • CCS API updated to 2.3d
  • All scripts compiled in mono
  • Added Shoulder Aiming animations (from mouselook) if long stock is selected, both kneeling and standing
  • Fixed a minor bug on the muzzle flash
  • Fixed a bug where anyone could draw your weapon
  • Release