Delta Project News

December 2010

M1 Garand shipped (and updated!)

The Springfield M1 Garand has shipped and been updated to an improved model with sculpt stock. Eric Boccara, who modelled the gun, has made a video demonstrating its use, which you can see by following the link below. We'll be adding some more you tube links next year as time allows.

Remember too that you can see the M1 Garand in the two temp rezzers in Delta Prime and get a demo gun that works only in Delta Prime.


A new type of shotgun

Shotguns are a difficult thing to make well in Second Life. Rezzing a whole number of pellets of shot is a cause of lag, and combat systems don't cope well with a large number of tiny projectiles. The large number of damage events triggered means that either some events get lost or they are queued for later processing and the target continues to take damage long after the gun stopped firing.

For the latest revision of its two historic shotguns (2.4) Delta has replaced pellets by a single 'smart bullet' that simulates the effect of a whole cartridge of shot. The gun still (optionally) rezzes pellets for show but they are phantom, and the real damage is done by the hidden smart bullet. The smart bullet calculates its damage based on the distance it has travelled, so that a close target receives much more damage than one further away; moreover, the smart bullet works really close, much closer than conventional javelin-like bullets that have to be rezzed a long way ahead of the gun to avoid damaging the firer.

Strider knife

The Strider knife was the first Delta Project melee weapon, and has been a long while without an update, but now at last it has been reissued with a new script, and this time it has some enhanced CCS damage — 10+1% LIFE extra damage for 30 seconds at a cost of one racial point.

There's sometimes some confusion about how enhanced melee damage works in CCS. Some enhanced weapons work by buffing the wearer, thus adding temporarily to their strength. At the moment the CCS meter doesn't do % damage (damage that is a percent of the target's maximum life) so buffed damage will be the same whether the target is high or low level. Buffs don't stack: only the best one works.

Other enhanced weapons, including the Delta Project ones, work by listening out for each bit of damage that the wearer does and adding some more damage on. This added damage can be a percent of the target's max health, or just a number, or a bit of each.

This makes a weapon like the Strider knife a good one for a lowish level player to use against a higher level player. For example, if the target is a level 75 player with 4000 max health, each enhanced Strider stroke will inflict 50 extra damage, which may well be more than the base damage a low level player would do without the knife. Assuming an average of 3 strokes per second, in the 30 second enhancement the player will add an extra 4500 damage, enough to kill the high level opponent. But the cost, 1 racial point, is one that even a new player can afford and will, depending on race, regenerate quite quickly in combat.


Tac belt

A while back, Delta sold a tac belt, a belt with a number of gadgets that doubled as a sheath for the Strider knife. Then we stopped selling the belt alone, so it was only available with the knife. Now a revised belt is appearing, with a big difference: many of the gadgets that were just for show now actually work! The poison gas spray really sprays, the grenades go boom and the life signs monitor has been replaced by a working comm.

The enhanced weapons on the belt cost 1 racial point each for use. So for example, when you draw thge poison spray you lost one racial point, but you then have available 30 seconds worth of toxic spray that inflicts a CCS POISON effect on anyone it touches.

The belt should be a useful tool for new CCS players because none of the enhancements cost more than 1 racial point, and several different combat needs are addressed: melee, area damage, self-defence

We're still working on a couple more tools — a shield and a first aid kit. The belt should be available early in 2011.

So where are Ebony and Ivory?

Ebony and Ivory have taken longer to complete than we expected. They were scheduled to ship at the end of November but are now about a month behind; so we're unlikely now to have them out before the holiday. These are the guns from Devil May Cry: Ebony is slow but accurate, and can be used as a sort of sniper weapon if the user stays still, while Ivory is a short range bullet sprayer. As in the DMC game, the pistols may be charged with demonic energy for greater power. All this will take some testing, but we'll get them to you as fast as we can.

Christmas sale

2010 has been an active year for Delta. We've released (roughly in order)

  • Dynamite
  • The trench gun
  • The PKD
  • The steam shotgun
  • The steam minigun
  • The M1 Garand
  • The DX-11 and DX-13 comms

as well as issuing completely rescripted versions of the M41a, the Colt and the Strider and damage updates to the other historics. Ebony/Ivory, a Steam Sword and a Steam Grenade Launcher and the Delta tac belt are all near to completion.

So to celebrate, from 24th December until 2nd January all main store vendors will be offering a 20% discount on all purchases.

Affiliate vendors

Affiliates are vendors rezzed by people other than Delta to sell Delta products. The person that rezzes the vendor gets a cut of the price, usually 10% but we do 20% special promotions.

To get a set of affiliate vendors either visit the Vendor shop in the Mall in Delta Prime or find any Delta Infopoint and press the Vendors button. Once you get the set, rezz the little black cone, set the description to your shop name, and click it. The cone will add your shop to the web directory of our shops, will display a 'Delta approved' sign, and will see that you get new affiliate vendors as they are updated.

You can see the shop directory at the link below.