Delta Project News

January 2011

Happy New Year from Delta

Happy New Year (western style) from Delta; and Guo Nian Hao too: watch for a suitable promotion in the Little China shop to mark the start of the Year of the Rabbit.

Delta starts the year with quite a few products in development, a few of which are listed below. We also plan updates to two of our flagship products, the EPW-S and the Tachi; the EPW-S will get some new ammo types and the Tachi a whole new set of animations from TheMinus.

Later in the year we look forward to the arrival of CCS API 3.0, which will see another round of upgrades. Our aim is to ship one new product or major upgrade each month.

Ebony/Ivory beta

The Ebony/Ivory pistols are now in beta. These are dual wield pistols with holsters, sights, silencers, laser all controlled by a graphical HUD, but they have an extra feature not found in some pairs of pistols: devil trigger. Devil trigger enhances each gun in a different way: for ebony it gives a high damage long range sniper-like round whereas for ivory it gives a fixed period unlimited ammo inaccurate bullet spray.

Ebony and Ivory are based on the guns used by Dante in the game Devil May Cry. They still have to get CCS approval so expect to see them in vendors in about a week.

Steam Claw Gauntlets

And now something for melee fans - claws. These are steampunk claws that you can wear round your wrists without their being obtrusive, because the talons don't extend until you start to fight. They come with a whole pile of special purpose animations and some appropriate steamy sounds and effects and should be in beta in a couple of weeks.

Steam grenades

Next down the line will be the steam grenade launcher from Corvus Dryke, who made the steam pistol, shotgun and minigun, the last of which is currently our best selling item. As well as the ordinary grenades, which can be fired reasonably fast from a rotating barrel, there are special purpose grenades, which have to be loaded specially, but which have extra uses: you can set a large area on fire, enervate your enemies with opium spray, blind them with smoke or dazzle them with bright light.

Damnation Store

We've opened a new store in Damnation, right by the bridge that leads to/from North Gate. Like the Little China store, it has individual items for most of our products and a searchable vendor with the complete range, which you will also need to use if you want to buy for a friend. And as with all our larger stores there is a redelivery terminal and an infopoint. To encourage you to come and see, all the vendors in the Damnation store will be offering a 20% discount until the middle of February.

Is it a Gun or a Musical Instrument?

It's a sniper rifle in fact, but as it's clearly far too large to conceal, you could always try claiming it's a wind instrument in the event the cops catch you using it. Made by Eric Boccara, modeller of the M1 Garand and the claws, this one is right at the start of its development, and we'll be looking at largish damage levels to compensate for its fairly unwieldy shape. Watch out for more news in future months.

Affiliate vendors

Affiliates are vendors rezzed by people other than Delta to sell Delta products. The person that rezzes the vendor gets a cut of the price, usually 10% but we do 20% special promotions.

To get a set of affiliate vendors either visit the Vendor shop in the Mall in Delta Prime or find any Delta Infopoint and press the Vendors button. Once you get the set, rezz the little black cone, set the description to your shop name, and click it. The cone will add your shop to the web directory of our shops, will display a 'Delta approved' sign, and will see that you get new affiliate vendors as they are updated.

You can see the shop directory at the link below.