Delta Project News

July 2010

PKD shipped

The Pflager-Katsumata Series D pistol is now on sale. The PKD is the gun from Blade Runner and is specially designed for taking down replicants and other heavily armored targets. Designed for CCS only, it features a fast revolver with a mixture of damage types (7 LIFE+10 MELE+4 STAMINA) and micro-rocket blasters, one doing life damage (30%), one stamina (10%) and one with poison (30 seconds). Blaster cost 10 STAMINA. This is a two handed weapon. There's a demo gun on the range in Delta Prime.



The Delta target pack is in the shop too. This is an archery style target with some extra features that allow several users to retain and compare their hit patterns. We use it at Delta for shotgun design among other things because it shows the pattern of pellets fired. And it's just one prim.


Gun script 1.14

The Delta gun script is designed to allow modellers to script their weapons with a state of the art gun script. It's been used for a while in a number of commercial guns, and the latest updates brings a host of new features, especially support for full auto and shotgun weapons that need multiple rezz scripts. The gun script costs L$5000 and the rezzer package will be sold as an add-on for L$2000 BUT existing users will get the rezzers as a free upgrade. So if you're thinking of making a gun, buying in the next two weeks will save you L$2000. If you're poor and just want to make a gun for your own use there is also a personal version for L$500; exactly the same features but you can't sell the gun you make.


Need a resizer?

As a spin off of the gun pack we have shipped our resizer scripts as a separate product. They are included free with the gun script but they are useful in any situation where you have several objects you want to resize together. They use the latest 1.38 Linden API and so don't require you to put a script in every prim. And you're free to ship them as part of a product you sell.


Steam shotgun

Here's a taster picture of the steam shotgun, which we hope will appear in the course of August. The gun was built by Corvus Dryke, who made the stream pistol and hopefully will feel inspired to make a steam machine gun soon. If you're tired of guns that are no use once someone gets lose enough to attack you with a sword. the steam shotgun may be for you, because it works at much shorter range than most guns, and has ammo specially designed to slow those pesky sword wielders down.


Last month we said we were thinking of renaimating the colts - and in fact we decided to go ahead and do that, so there's still time to dash out and buy them at the old price of L$600.

No promises about CCS damage levels on the new ones as they haven't been approved yet, but they will have a competitive level of % damage

HUDs - oops!

The ESP-950 HUD was updated to fix a maths error and for variety we packed the box not with the new product but with the old boxed product. Thanks to those who reported this. The new 1.0.2 box contains the latest product (honest!) so if you have an older one just attach it for an upgrade, or get a redelivery from a terminal (the new ones remember everything you purchased back to the Ice Age) or ask one of us.


New infopoints

If you see one of these things in a Delta store, it's our new infopoint. You can use it to access the website (if you have Viewer 2 you'll see it actually shows the website live), join and leave our groups, teleport to the main store and even to get the latest affiliate vendor pack.

New shop in KatAR

Thanks to Kat of KatAR for our latest store, located in her new sim. It's another full range store, and Kat's own store and other interesting stores are right by it.

Affiliate vendors

The latest affiliate vendor pack has a special promotion PKD vendor that gives you a 20% cut on all PKD sales until the end of August. If you have a Delta shop cone rezzed you should get those automatically. Otherwise they are available in stores using the infopoint (see above). The affiliate pack also has a new historical only vendor.

Affiliates, for the uninitiated, are vendors rezzed by people other than Delta to sell Delta products. The person that rezzes the vendor gets a cut of the price, usually 10% but we do 20% special promotions. You can't get a discount buying from your own affiliate vendor, we aren't that daft.