Delta Project News

June 2010

Dynamite shipped

The DHW Prospector Dynamite has just gone into the vendors. This is throwable dynamite, not the kind with a detonator, though we may do that later too. It's perhaps the simplest of all our weapons; you click it once to light it (matches are included) and once to throw it. Four versions are included, for CCS, BNWCS, Linden damage and DCS and other roleplay systems.

The CCS version uses the new percentage damage, so up close it can do very substantial damage to high level players.

ES4P-950 HUD

We're about to ship a companion to our very popular ES4P-450 HUD, a spin-off of our development of version 2 of the AAC armor suit. The new HUD not only tracks your selected target, it also tracks incoming bullets, allowing you to respond fast when snipers attack. Using the latest prim rotation enhancements in server 1.38, it keeps track of your enemies no matter how fast you turn, no matter how fast they move.


The long-awaited Blade Runner gun now has amazing new anims from TheMinus Ziskey and has been totally rescripted. Based on detailed study of the prop used in the film, we've produced a gun that combines a high-capacity revolver beneath with something rather different above, a launcher for powered microrockets that inflict very short range microwave damage ideally suited for retiring replicants.

It should reach beta in a couple of weeks


The Colt upgrade is now mostly done. The new version is intended to be a much more realistic scripting of paired weapons; for example, you can't load them both at the same time. The guns are now controllable separately so for example you can load normal CCS ammo in the right and stamina ammo in the left.

We're now looking at reanimating these to make use of the better scripting with purpose made anims, so the upgrade is still a few weeks off.

In exchage for all this goodness, the price will be going up from L$600 to around L$1000, but if you dash out now and buy the old one you'll get the update free of charge.

Little China

We've moved to a larger shop in Little China, situated right by the tp point. With the extra prims available this has allowed us to make Little China another full range shop (alongside Delta Prime and Crossroads). To celebrate the opening we'll be setting a 20% discount on all the vendors there for a week from Sunday June 20th.


This web site has some new pages, especially a list of shops. You can now view the website in world if you have Viewer-2: look for the new info points in our shops, which are slowly replacing the old rotating info hubs.

Affiliate vendors

The new affiliate vendor pack is available in the vendor center in the Delta Prime mall (next door to the Aragorn shop). You can also get a pack by selecting the 'get vendors' option on a Delta Project infopoint. This contains all the stuff you need to sell Delta products, whether you want to build a whole shop or just put out a one prim vendor. The affiliate pack is free and you get 10% of all proceeds.

Amazing new corporate headquarters

If you visit Delta Prime you may notice we have a shiny new corporate HQ. Well actually it's a converted photo studio/art gallery that was on special offer on xstreet. The reason for this sudden burst of corporate energy was that we accidentally returned the old HQ while sending out this mailing and it wasn't copy. The new one *is* copy so hopefully it will last longer. The first person (other than Dwayne) who can correctly identify all the pictures on the ground floor gets a 1000l gift token.