Delta Project News

May 2010

Trench gun now in beta

The Winchester 1897 shotgun is now in beta test and should appear in a week or so. This gun was widely used by US forces in World War I and proved so fearsome that the German government tried to have it made illegal. One surprising feature was the total absence of any kind of safety system, so that the gun could be 'slammed' by holding down the trigger and operating the pump very fast. Our model reproduces this feature with its very fast but very inaccurate slam mode. This is also the first Delta weapon to come with a working bayonet.


All the DHW rifles have now been updated. The Colt will be updated next. We are starting a round of revisions to take advantage of the new fast API functions in Server 1.38.1, which means the M41a will receive yet another update, reducing the HUD to a single script. A major feature of the new functions is efficient resizing, and all our future resizable products will contain a new fast resizer.


And speaking of Server 1.38.1, we have had to look again at our scripting policy following the withdrawal of the fix for the mono rezzing bug. Mono still has major scripting advantages and outperforms LSL by as much as a factor of 100 in a running script, but unfortunately a problem with setting up the mono virtual machine means that rezzing objects with mono scripts can seriously impact a sim's performance. Our current policy is to keep the main script in mono and consolidate as many scripts as possible into that one script, but where for some reason a special purpose script is needed for a small job, for example in a bullet, to use LSL. The eventual solution is for Linden Labs to update to a more recent version of Mono, in which a fix to the problem is available, but before they can do that it will be necessary to upgrade all the servers to a more recent version of etch (which is the Linux flavour used by Linden Labs), and that may well take until the end of the year.

For steam lovers

For steam enthusiasts Corvus Dryke has made another steam gun in the spirit of his very popular steam pistol. This time he offers a steam shotgun, complete with gleaming brass pipes and spinning wheels. This will be the idea weapon for the adventurer looking for a short range gun to deal with spear-brandishing assailants, lions, tigers and all the other inconveniences that beset the modern explorer.


Our website has had a face-lift: take a look at (you can read this newsletter there too). There's still some work to be done but we hope the online reference material will prove useful.