Delta Project News

November 2010

M1 Garand

The Springfield M1 Garand is the latest Delta Historic Weapon, and is about to start beta testing, so should be in the vendors by the end of the month. The M1 Garand, the mainstay of US armed forces during World War II, was a formidably fast and accurate clip-loaded rifle, and our version comes with a bonus: the M7 grenade launcher, which is attached to the muzzle of the M1.

Like all Delta Historics this will have ammo (bullets and grenades) for all major second life combat systems, and enhanced ammo for CCS.

This is one of the most accurately modelled DHW weapons yet — you need to see the model in the temp rezzer or get a demo on the range so see the detail fully. We've tried to make the effects and the scripting accurate too, right down to the distinctive ping caused by the automatic ejection of the spent clip. And because the clip was such a distinctive feature of the gun we've included an unscripted one that you can hold in your left hand if you like.

Steam sword

Two more steam weapons on the way, here's an advanced peep at the steam sword, which hopefully will ship in December. Why does a sword need steam you ask? Well, the little black cylinder rear of the blade is attached to an array of microbore pipes, made of a material so secret we haven't thought of a name for it yet, that run all over the blade of the sword. Open the valve and the blade flashes with blue steam energy and as a result does CCS enhanced damage (what else would you expect of blue steam energy?). There are three charge levels each bluer than the last. And of course there is a convenient back sling where you can store the sword when it's not in use and keep it charged up with steam.

New affiliate vendor

The new affiliate pack (4.01) contains a new steampunk specialist vendor, and it uses just 6 prims, as against the 15 used by a standard Hippo 4 panel vendor. Sadly, there were a couple of bugs in the new version of the cone, which contains the updater, so some users may not get this automatically. If you don't have the latest set (see the standard affiliates item at the bottom, where there is an image of the new box top: the old one was in a 3d delta shaped blue box) please get a new one from an infopoint (in the main store, Little China and several other stores).

EPW-S 1.12

Delta's first ever gun is still at the top of our range and is getting another makeover. As with all Delta guns this means a switch to percent damage. But there are a host of other changes too, and the EPW-S has been totally rescripted, with eight scripts in the original now combined into two.

For those of you who don't own one of these, the distinctive feature of the EPW-S is its energy cell. This means that you don't have to load a particular sort of ammunition; you simply charge the gun up with energy and you can switch easily from round to round (we call them beams), though of course the more energetic beams deplete the energy store faster than the simple ones.

Regular users will recall that the EPW-S has always been fitted with a charge limiter, whose function is to prevent charge from more than one cell from being loaded at a time. Intrepid users have discovered ways to disable the limiter and achieve high but very unstable charge levels. Rumours that Delta labs uses these levels to test new restricted beam types have always been denied, and users trying to activate locked templates in the gun's energy morpher have occasionally paid with their lives. Certainly the original experimental rounds (including the first ever berzerk bullet) have now become standard issue and have been copied by other developers. Delta's lawyers deleted the overcharge chapter in the guide, so the present position is unclear.

Affiliate vendors

Affiliates are vendors rezzed by people other than Delta to sell Delta products. The person that rezzes the vendor gets a cut of the price, usually 10% but we do 20% special promotions.

To get a set of affiliate vendors either visit the Vendor shop in the Mall in Delta Prime or find any Delta Infopoint and press the Vendors button. Once you get the set, rezz the little black cone, set the description to your shop name, and click it. The cone will add your shop to the web directory of our shops, will display a 'Delta approved' sign, and will see that you get new affiliate vendors as they are updated.

You can see the shop directory at the link below.