Delta Project News

October 2010

Steam minigun shipped

The steam minigun is now in vendors at L$1200. At 15 bullets per seconds this is one of the fastest CCS enhanced weapons available. The three CCS enhanced rounds are:

  • 3% LIFE
  • 3% STAMINA
  • 2% MELE 1% LIFE 1% STAMINA
OK that looks like 45% LIFE damage a second but rest assured, it isn't! The gun only does enhanced CCS damage on every sixth shot, though of course each bullet does the usual unenhanced 10 damage.

The reason we made it 3% damage every six shots rather than 0.5% damage every shot was to cut down the number of messages sent to CCS. If you've ever been shot by a very fast gun in CCS, you've probably noticed that you continue grunting with pain long after the shooting stops — fast guns pile up the damage messages faster than they can be delivered and so they fill the target's message queue and sometimes even overflow it, so that other messages and events fail to get processed. In tests we got much better results by chunking up the enhancement into units of 6 shots.

Remember that all % damage is experimental at the moment and any gun that uses it is liable to be adjusted in the interests of balance.

You can try out the steam minigun on the range at Delta Prime and read more about it on the website.


Ebony and Ivory

Ebony and Ivory are the guns used by Dante in the game Devil May Cry and we'll be offering these guns in Second Life very soon. The models were made by Corvus Dryke, our steam wizard, but they are in a very different style, like M1911s but with some very special mods. Ebony does more damage and is more accurate, having an enhanced sniper like round, while Ivory is faster, with the ability to spray bullets round at short range. They work best as a pair — you won't get any of the fancy rounds if you use one alone, because each gun draws demonic energy from its partner (and also because of CCS rules!).

As well as the guns the pack includes holsters, with storage space for the scope and silencer, a scope HUD with a motion detector so you know when you can fire an accurate long range round, and a control HUD. We have avoided HUDs for a while because of their tendency to use huge numbers of tiny scripts, but scripting changes have now made it possible to make a one-script HUD, and we feel that in this case some users will find the number of chat commands baffling without some visual guidance.

More hot air

There's more steam to come. We're working now on a steam grenade launcher: the challenge with a grenade launcher is to make a variety of interesting grenades, so if you visit Delta and find the air full of clockwork shrapnel you'll know we're hard at work. After that there will be a steam sniper and that will in all likelihood be the last in the range started by the steam pistol, the clockwork orange range as we call them (because they use clockwork and are orange coloured, of course, would we try to sell guns based on a film that featured ultra violence?).

The steam pistol has had a slight makeover to bring it into line with the others: if you have one just attach to get the update. Version 1.10 has switched to % damage (1% LIFE + 1% MELE instead of 10 LIFE + 10 MELE) and also has autoreload.

We have plans for a tesla range as well, with the first gun appearing early next year.

And before we leave the subject of steam, let's mention that we now have a shop in the first CCS steampunk sim, Intemporel Arkham. The individual steampunk weapon vendors there are giving a 10% discount for the next two weeks.

AAC armor

With three guns to script in a month we're fallen behind with the AAC armor revision. Apologies to those waiting, we'll try to get it done right after the steam grenade launcher.

Happy Birthday COLA

Halloween marks the fourth birthday of City of Lost Angels. Congratulations to Suzanna Soyinka on her extraordinary creation and thanks to all the players whose loyalty keeps COLA so busy and has made CCS the leading combat system in Second Life.

During the celebrations, from October 27th to November 1st, the Delta shop in Little China (seen right with its new Blade Runner dragon by Lynni Aeon) will offer a 20% discount on all items.

The new temp rezzer

If you like to visit Delta to test our guns, you should know that we have changed the system for getting demos. We have combined the functions of the temp rezzer (seen left) and of the demo vendor (on the range), so that you can now get demo versins from the temp rezzer. The temp rezzer also has a menu now, so you can find the weapon you want without paging right through. The temp rezzer in the shop will remain where it is but the vendor in the range will be replaced by a duplicate rezzer. Each has instructions right by, it needs a little remodelling still but it works.

Although you can now get demos in the shop, we'd be grateful if you would go to the range to try them out and not shoot at other customers in the shop.


Marketplace is now live. You can see our marketplace store at None of the links to old listings worked but we have updated them all manually, if any are broken please let us know.

Affiliate vendors

Affiliates are vendors rezzed by people other than Delta to sell Delta products. The person that rezzes the vendor gets a cut of the price, usually 10% but we do 20% special promotions.

To get a set of affiliate vendors either visit the Vendor shop in the Mall in Delta Prime or find any Delta Infopoint and press the Vendors button. Once you get the set, rezz the little black cone, set the description to your shop name, and click it. The cone will add your shop to the web directory of our shops, will display a 'Delta approved' sign, and will see that you get new affiliate vendors as they are updated.

You can see the shop directory at the link below.