Delta Project News

September 2010

AAC armor

The AAC armor suit was one of Delta's first products. With its multitude of skins, its stealth mode support, laser, torch and spikes it was adopted by several CCS factions as their standard gear.

Now it is being redesigned from top to bottom. The new version will have a host of new features:

  • integrated comms
  • integrated target HUD
  • CCS armor
  • saved configurations for commonly visited sims
  • support for group insignia
as well as a host of small changes and a complete rescripting, eliminating the need for a control HUD.

We'll be increasing the price too but as always with Delta there will be free updates for existing customers, so if you buy now you'll get the new one at the old price. This one will take quite a bit of testing so expect to see it in the vendors around Halloween.

Delta combat games

This autumn we'll be releasing the first of a series of combat games, Capture the Flag. The combat game series was developed a while back, based around a core controller and add-on modules to support different game types. The problem with that system was the enormous amount of script required to track team members and allow for possible team changes. All of that management interface is now being reimplemented as a web service, so that a game manager can log onto a web page and set up a game without having to struggle with a lot of chat based interaction.

The scripting component is thus reduced to a very simple combat system which we call Delta-kill. Delta-kill is simpler even that CCS-light but has the extra features needed to allow tracking of a flag that a player can hold but will drop when killed. Needless to say it has no stats, skills, races or any of the more sophisticated things CCS offers, and is only intended to be used for short, fast-paced games.

The second module, hostage rescue, will also with any luck follow this autumn. In the long term we hope to make the games a major part of the Delta range, and we hope to collaborate with Alphatech on some packaged games with terrain and artefacts that can be rezzed using a rezzing system such as Horizons. One day we may even add support for vehicles (Unreal fans take note!).

Steam shotgun

The steam shotgun is about to be released, once damage levels are approved. It will retail at L$1200. In the Winchester 1897 shotgun we aimed for very high rate of fire and low damage per pellet; in the steam shotgun the aim is the opposite, a realistically slow shotgun with killer damage. That damage will include three different CCS rounds, one for maximum damage, one with a mixture of pellets designed for use against melee attackers, and one with some poison to inflict more lasting damage.

We've brought the minimum range right down in this gun, and that means it's not a good long range weapon, but at close quarters it should do a great deal of damage. The choke can be removed to increase the spread of pellets.

DX-13 comm

The DX-13 comm is now in the vendors. Whereas the DX-11 is a group comm we call the DX-13 a team comm, designed for high security missions, possibly in sims where it's impossible to rez a controller prim. One pack contains all the comms you need, however large your team.

Our next comm will be the DX-15. This has already been used by the syndicate in COLA for some time. It's designed for gridwide use, though COLA rules have meant that the syndicate system is set to sim-only use. It can also be configured to work in a 'zone', a collection of sims, not necessarily adjacent, that constitiute a roleplay region that allows comms internally but not to those in outside sims.

Our major issue with the DX-15 is that because it makes heavy use of HTTP it places quite a load on our servers. For this reason we have up to now only made the DX-15 available privately. The public version will require either some kind of bandwidth limitation or a subscription to cover web traffic. We'd be happy to discuss possible solutions with potential users.



You've probably heard by now that XStreet is to be replaced by a new second life marketplace, which goes live on October 6th. In common with other vendors, we've found some interesting new features in marketplace, such as support for a branded shop-front for merchants, but we've also been frustrated by the unreliability of the migration process and the withdrawal of useful things like formatting in listings.

You can see our marketplace store at It's claimed that web links to the old site will magically work on the new one when xstreet closes on 6th October, but if they don't we will update as soon as we can. If you have any problems you can find all the same items at our stores inworld.

Affiliate vendors

Affiliates are vendors rezzed by people other than Delta to sell Delta products. The person that rezzes the vendor gets a cut of the price, usually 10% but we do 20% special promotions.

To get a set of affiliate vendors either visit the Vendor shop in the Mall in Delta Prime or find any Delta Infopoint and press the Vendors button. Once you get the set, rezz the little black cone, set the description to your shop name, and click it. The cone will add your shop to the web directory of our shops, will display a 'Delta approved' sign, and will see that you get new affiliate vendors as they are updated.

You can see the shop directory at the link below.