NLink-4 command headset

The NLink-4 (neural link) command headset is a high-tech command headset with embedded comms and enhanced object detection and raycast-based teleport. It offers the squad leader or member a distinct advantage in the battlefield.

The NLink-4 is available with four different lens shapes: O (oval), R (round), S (square) and W (wide).


  • Integrated DX7 Comm System
  • Raycast radar shows you what you have targetted
  • Portal for fast movement without camming
  • RLV support for instant teleport
  • Light
  • Colour change options on lens, frame, buttons, also levels of shine
  • Gestures included
  • Free updates for life

Quick start instructions

In the following instructions replace the asterisk by the lens shape that you have, O, R, S or W.

  1. Rezz the box, open it and copy the contents to inventory
  2. Find the folder called 'NLink-4 Headset (Lens Type *) v2.0'
  3. Wear the object called 'NLink-4 Headset (Lens Type *)' - it attaches to the Left Ear
  4. Activate the gestures in the folder


  1. Basic Operations
  2. Comms Functions
  3. Enhanced vision and portals
  4. Customisation

1. Basic Operations

Firstly wear the object called 'NLink-4 Headset (Lens Type *)' - it attaches to the Left Ear, activate all of the gestures included in the folder.

Now you can access the menu by pressing the F11 key. From the menu you can operate the light and the radar and you can configure the appearance of your NLink-4. There's no need to use the menu to access the comm, it is turned on automatically when you attach.

2. Comms functions

You can speak to other users by typing on channel 15.

/15 Hello other users

You can also type

/say Hello other users

using the gesture. This is useful if you want to change from channel 15 to something more obscure.

For full details see the DX-7 comms guide

3. Enhanced vision

Simply enter mouselook and press the F10 key: this will tell you the nearest object in your line of sight and also compute its distance from you. For avatars you can access their profile.

This is designed to be useful when you are in mouselook already to target a gun

It also allows you to portal fast to the next object you see. After you have pressed F10, pressing F12 generates a spacial anomaly whose other end is just beyond the object reported by radar. Simply click the portal at the near end and you are there! It's even faster if you use RLV and enabe RLV teleport on the main menu: you will be transported through the anomaly as soon as it opens.

The radar has limited ability se see through objects too. Press F10 *again* within ten seconds and it will try and locate the next object behind the first one. Useful for surprise visits to people hiding behind walls. Note that you will often see the same object twice: this is because the radar reports both the near and the far surface. If you portal to the first occurrence you will be in the object: if to the second, you will be on its far side.

Please note that the radar and portal only work within the sim you are in.

4. Customization

Your NLink-4 headset can be customised in several ways.

To get to the menu, you can either use the F11 menu gesture or click on the headset itself

You may change the Lens and also the Frame colors to one of many choices.

Frame shine is also adjustable to: None, Low, Medium, or High.

The transparency (alpha) of the lens can also be varied.

The reset options sets the NLink-4 back to the appearance it had when shipped.

Change log

  • Switched tp from cam to raycast
  • Added RLV tp support
  • Added radar
  • Replaced custom comms with DX-7
  • Release