Delta Project products have online guides and in-world quick reference cards. Our standard usage is for the help command to give you the notecard and for the guide command to take you to the web guide. The product package also contains a copy of the quick reference card and a Delta service terminal, which can be rezzed to access the web guide.

A few older products do not as yet have web guides. These still have documentation supplied as a notecard. There are also a few products that have a web guide but whose in-world documentation consists only of a notecard saying that the documentation is online. These will be adjusted to our standard usage as they are updated.

Latest versions

ProductLatest versionProductLatest version
Delta originalsSteampunk
EPW-S1.13Steam pistol1.10
M41a2.03Steam shotgun1.0
PKD1.0Steam minigun1.03
ZNine2.3Steam grenade launcher1.00
Armada1.00Steam crossbow1.00
Steam slashers1.00Shocker1.04
Strider knife2.01Roleplay
HistoricsSacrifice healers1.00
Winchester 18732.43Scripts
Gewehr 982.4Gun kit1.14
Gewehr 98 sniper2.4Gear
Double barrel shotgun2.4
Sawed off shotgun2.4
Winchester 18972.4
M1 Garand1.00