Sacrifice Healer: Throne

Version 1.00

An act of slaughtering an animal or human to a god, spirit or supernatural being

The Delta Project Sacrificial Healer is designed for role play in CCS and outside of CCS. With this healer you can role play as long as you like and when you're ready you can use the page up and down keys to control and take the lifeforce out of your sacrificial lamb.

The healer requires two people: a victim and a sacrificer (who we call a sitter).

We have included a couple of RLV features for people wishing to use them. One is forced sit which won't let the victim stand up until the sitter allows them too. The throne also allows the forced stripping off of clothing and attachments for Role Plays wanting that freature as well.


  • Two models, multiple base textures
  • Steals health, heals
  • Two or more person Role play device
  • RLV features: deny unsit, force strip
  • Free updates for life

Quick start instructions

  1. Rezz the box, open it and copy the contents to inventory.
  2. Find the folder called '[Delta] Sacrifice healer: dark throne v1.00'
  3. Rezz the object 'Dark throne' or 'Black throne'


  1. Using the throne
  2. Menu options

1. Using the table

First the victim should kneel on the mat. The victim will adopt a kneeling pose. If the victim is wearing an rlv relay and RLV is enabled then the relay will be activated at this point.

Next the sitter should sit on the throne.

The sitter may now take health as he or she thinks appropriate. By pressing the PageUp key the sitter will access the rlv menu, allowing the victim to be stripped. By pressing the PageDown key the sitter takes a portion of the victim's health. The amount taken per command is one fifth of the victim's max life.

The victim is freed when the sitter stands or the victim dies.

2. Menu options

Clicking the base of the healer will give the owner a menu for changing the texture of the healer and for setting Access. Note that the texture cannot be changed on the Black Throne variant.

TextureChoose texture from a menu
AccessAccess determines who may use the throne. It can be set to owner only, group or public. There is no way to control who may be victim.
Enable/disable RLVSwitch RLV support on or off. RLV support, even if on, will only work if the victim wears a relay

Note on RLV capture: we have not included a feature to capture victims because most users will want to roleplay getting the victim onto the table, perhaps as part of CCS defeat roleplay. Most RLV controllers will allow a victim to be forced to sit on an object, and users wanting to set up capture on a regular basis could use an item such as the Dominatech RLV controller (store). Users in CCS sims are advised to check that this does not violate sim rules.


The project was devised by stephanie Picnic. SixHunny Manga and Tristan Wroth helped with testing and also helped produce the ad images and box art.

Change log

  • Release