Selling Delta products

The Delta affiliate vendor pack allows you to set up a Delta store or just a vendor in your store, just as you wish.

The contents of the pack are as follows:

  • Three vendors (small medium and large) that give you a cut of all sales.
  • An ad board that will display the latest ads from the Delta Project ad server.
  • An info wall panel that allows your customers to access the Delta Project web site, join the in-world support group and sign up for mailings from the Delta Project mailer.
  • A mysterious black cone.
  • Various textures and prims that you may or may not find useful.
  • From time to time, special promotional vendors for new items.

The cone has three functions. First it checks every twenty four hours for updates to the vendor pack. Secondly it displays the Delta authorised reseller logo. Finally it causes your shop to be listed in the Delta website list of shops. Remember when you rezz it to set the description to the name you want to be used for your shop. As the cone is mod you can disable any of these functions by removing the appropriate scripts.

Set the description field of the cone to the shop name you want listed. By default your listing will use the parcel description and the parcel image for the parcel were it is situated, assuming that parcel is listed in search. If it isn't listed, or if you want to use a different description and/or image, you can drop a notecard and/or texture into the cone and they will be used instead.

Entried are retained in the directory until the cone has failed to register for three days, at which point they will be deleted.


Vendors give 10% of gross sales to their owner. Promotional vendors offer more, typically 20%, but are for a limited time. 'Delta selected affiliate' status is available to vendors whose cumulative sales in the three consecutive months have exceeded $L10,000. Delta selected affiliates receive 20% of sales.

Getting started

The vendor pack is available from any Delta Project infopoint.