Steam grenade launcher

Brought to you by the Delta Project in collaboration with Corvus Dryke

The Delta steam grenade launcher has allowed Mr Dryke to show once again his familiarity with the very latest scientific discoveries. His steam driven revolving barrel allows the user to fire a number of grenades in swift succession, firing no fewer than eight grenades before a reload is required. However, Mr Dryke has also harnessed the power of steam in the design of the grenades themselves, so that the user requiring an especially powerful projectile may disable the rotating barrel and cause the steam generated to be delivered to the grenade itself.

Mr Dryke has harnessed the steam power so generated to create no fewer than nine different grenades, which he offers to purchasers along with the grenade launcher. On these he has bestowed the names of different animals of which he is reminded by the several projectiles, so that for example the dragon covers the area with a sheet of fire before which Fafnir might turn green with envy.

Finding that the delivery of his grenades to a precise target was taxing to some inexperienced users, Mr Dryke has also prevailed upon his old friend Mr Babbage to design a portable analytical engine equipped with the necessary computational machinery to calculate how far to the left or right, and how far before or behind, the target the projectile will arrive. This he offers to his customers at no extra charge, asking us to remind them at the same time that the trajectory so calculated can only be described in the fashion predicted provided that it is free of obstacles.


  • Detailed steampunk grenade launcher with back sling
  • Single-shot and multiple shot capability
  • Linden, DCS/roleplay rounds and 7 CCS rounds
  • Targeting computer allows perfect alignment on programmed location
  • Free updates for life

Quick start instructions

  1. Rezz the box, open it and copy the contents to inventory.
  2. Find the folder called '[Delta] Steam Grenade Launcher v1.00'
  3. Right click and select Add to Outfit from the menu


  1. What's in the box
  2. Using the grenade launcher
  3. Grenade types
  4. The target computer
  5. Customizing the grenade launcher
  6. Voice commands
  7. Damage and statistics
  8. Hints and tips
  9. Troubleshooting

1. What's in the box

In the folder you have unpacked you will find

  • the steam grenade launcher
  • the hostered grenade launcher
  • the target computer
  • a set of gestures to simplify operation of the weapons
  • a pose stand to help you fit the gun

The weapons gestures and voice commands are pre-set to Channel 5. Should you change this, the gestures will need to be modified to reflect the new channel. All voice commands referred to in this manual assume the default channel of 5

2. Using the grenade launcher

In these instructions it is assumed that you have the command channel set to 5.

To draw the weapon you may either:

  • click on the holstered weapon or the holster
  • type /5draw in chat
  • or press the Shift F11 key to engage the gesture

To fire the weapon, draw it, enter Mouselook by clicking on the mouselook button or pressing the M key while the main chat is disabled, and hold down the left mouse button. Fire will continue until you release the mouse button, run out of ammo or leave mouse look. To exit Mouselook, press your Esc key or press the M key again.

To holster the weapon,

  • click on the holster
  • type /5holster in the main chat
  • or press the Shift F10 key to start the gesture.

The weapon has a 99 round capacity (magazine) and is reloaded manually by typing /5reload in chat, using the supplied gesture (Shift F9). By default the gun reloads automatically when empty.

The three lamps on top of the gun are a simple ammunition indicator, three lights meaning nearly full and one nearly empty. The fourth light is lit when the gun is drawn.

3. Grenade types

The grenade launcher has two modes of operation. In rotating mode the steam power is used to rotate the barrel, allowing grenades to be launched in fast succession. These grenades must be in sealed units contaning explosive and make no use of the steam generated by the launcher. In fixed mode the barrel does not rotate and grenades are only fired from the top barrel. The steam is instead available for the grenade itself, allowing more elaborate grenades to be used; however, in fixed mode the launcher must be reloaded each time a grenade is fired.


The lizard is the basic Linden damage grenade for use in damage enabled sims, killing anyone within 5m of the explosion.


The cat is a lowish damage CCS grenade designed for multiple firing, doing LIFE damage to anyone within 5m.


The dog is a DCS/roleplay grenade that causes impact dmage to anyone withing 5m.


The granddaddy of the cat, the tiger does LIFE damage too but with tiger-like ferocity. Those within 5m suffer most damage but the outer damage zone spreads 10m.


Does it look like a rabbit's tail or is it good for hiding your tracks as you run like a bunny? Steam from the generator escapes to form a cloud that obscures the view for 10 seconds and weakens and confuses your enemies.


Fill the air with the sweet aroma of opium poppies! Your enemies will barely notice as the enervating gas saps their stamina.


Like the crocodile that swallowed a clock, this one warns of its presence for 5-7 seconds before turning into a tiger. Useful if you have to fire close up then leg it.


Set the sim alight! The dragon sprays Greek fire all around and then ignites it, damaging all within a 12m radius for 30 seconds.


A quick flash, a bang, some howling and a 5 second daze and it's all over. Useful if you need to say goodbye fast.

4. The target computer

The target computer is an optional feature of the launcher but may prove useful.

Briefly, here is how it works:

  • Find out the location you want to shoot at. The fastest way to do this is usually to select a nearby object and read the coordinates from the edit control
  • Enter the command /5 target x,y,z where x,y,z is the location.
  • Go into mouse look. The computer will appear
  • Rotate until the left dial is at zero. You are now facing the target
  • Raise and lower the launcher until the right dial is at 1.
  • That's it! Fire a grenade

For maths freaks what the dials show is now described in detail.

The left dial shows the angle in degrees between the direction you are facing and the direction to the target.

The right dial shows the distance there will be between the grenade and the target when the grenade is at the right height. If this value is 1 then the distances are the same and you will hit the target. If it is more than 1 the grenade will overshoot; if less, undershoot.

The right dial cannot go beyond 2. When it reaches 2 the red warning light will come on.

In some circumstances the grenade will never reach the right height at all, for example if you are way below the target. In this case the needle will show 0 and the red warning light will come on.

Sometimes there will be two correct positions to hit a target. When the dial shows overshoot, either raising or lowering may reach the right point. It's up to you which you do.

5. Customizing the gun


The gun is supplied at the largest size you are likely to want, but is resizable. Supplying a big gun and letting you make it smaller makes for a better looking end result than supplying a smaller one that some users will want to enlarge. Resizing the gun is a slowish process but you need only do it once.

Wear the gun and the holster. You may find it easiest to work while standing on the supplied pose stand with one of the gun anims selected. Type /5resize in chat. The resize menu will appear. You can now make adjustments to the gun's size as you require, within limits. Resizing is quite slow - wait until you see the 'Done' message from both gun and holster before using the gun again; if you detach either or crash during resize that item will probably be broken. Make sure you keep a copy of the gun as supplied (or the product box) in case you mess it up. Choosing Reset returns gun and holster to the size shipped.

Like all enhanced CCS weapons the steam grenade launcher is no mod. You cannot resize it in the editor.

It's often hard to resize straps correctly as they have to fit above the shoulder as well as down the back. If you fnd you can't get the straps how you want them, clicking on the straps will hide them. Clicking on them again (use transparent view to see where they are) will bring them back.


You can also adjust the position of launcher and holster on your avatar though you cannot attach to another point - again this is a CCS restriction. The pose stand supplied contains the gun animations so that you an judge how the gun will appear in action.


By default the gun reloads automatically when empty. If you prefer to reload manually, or if sim rules do not allow autoreload, you can switch to manual reload using the command /5autoreload off

6. Voice commands

By default voice commands are given on channel 5. You can change this using the /5channel command. If you forget which channel you selected touch the drawn gun and it will tell you. If you change the channel you will need to edit the supplied gestures.

drawDraws the weapon
holsterHolsters the weapon
guideOpens this page
helpGets the Quick Reference card
target x,y,zSets the targeter to show hits at <x,y,z>
autoreload on/offSet autoreload (Default is on)
channel NSets the channel for voice commands (default 5)
resizeShows the resize menu, which allows you to adjust the size of the gun.
statStatus information

Ammo names can also be used as commands. They cause the gun to be loaded with the named ammo.

8 shot rounds
lizardSets the grenade for Linden Damage
dogSets the roleplay kinetic grenade for DCS and other roleplay sims
catSets the CCS basic grenade
One shot rounds
tigerLoads CCS ammo (life)
dragonLoads CCS ammo (fire)
snakeLoads CCS ammo (stamina)
crocLoads CCS ammo (timed)
rabbitLoads CCS ammo (smoke)
roosterLoads CCS ammo (flashbang)

7. Damage and statistics


  • Grenade capacity in rotor mode: 8
  • Grenade capacity in non-rotor mode: 1
  • Time between shots: 5 seconds
  • Max fire rate: 8 grenades per minute
  • Time to reload: 3 seconds per grenade
  • Time to charge single shot grenade with steam: 5 seconds
  • Grenade speed: 45m/s
  • Effective range of weapon: Around 200m

Grenade damage details

8 shot rounds
cat8% LIFE5mNo
dogCollision damage5mNo
lizard100 ld5mNo
One shot rounds
tiger20% LIFE5mNo
10% LIFE10mNo
crocAs tiger with 5-7s delay
snake2% STAMINA10mEvery 5s for 30s
5% STAMINA5mEvery 5s for 30s
rooster5s DAZE5mNo
dragon2% LIFE12mEvery 5s for 30s
5% LIFE6mEvery 5s for 30s
rabbit10s WEAK+CONFUSE5mNo

8. Hints and tips


Forget all you know about targeting bullets because grenades don't travel in straight lines. The grenade is most unlikely to end up anywhere near the cross hairs. Use the targeter or just find the spot by trial and error.

Draw Distance:

From your Client's menu, pick Edit > Preferences, go into 'Graphics', look for 'Draw Distance' and change this value to up to 512m for those far away targets. Just don't forget to change it back to the original value when you're done, as it takes a lot of machine resource to draw all the objects in a 512m wide area.

9. Troubleshooting

I don't see an explosion!

Check that you have particle effects enabled.

Change log

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