Steam pistol

Brought to you by the Delta Project in collaboration with Corvus Dryke

The Delta Steam pistol is the firearm of choice for the discerning adventurer. Its ingenious cogwheel mechanism is designed to a specification made to order by that most esteemed architect of timepieces M. Oliva of Geneva. The carefully balanced apparatus will ensure that the firearm discharges perfectly each time, whether in the extremes of tropical heat or in polar regions. Testimonials in the possession of the makers include letters from explorers and soldiers in all parts of the Empire attesting to its usefulness against all manner of foe human and feral. On discharge of each bullet the cylindrical receptacle mounted at the rear of the pistol is rotated with minute precision to enable a further bullet to be projected forward into the firing chamber, and after all six chambers have been emptied a bell is sounded to remind the owner that a further six bullets should be inserted.

The elegant holster is furnished with two pockets in which small necessities may be stored and with two lights powered by tungten elements from the ingenious American inventor Mr Edison, whose efficacy both at illumination of the surroundings and at driving away mosquitos and other unwanted visitors has been affirmed by many grateful users. Wishing to ensure that the owner is furnished with every convenience that modern science has afforded the maker has also affixed a most reliable timepiece to the end of the holster.


  • Detailed steampunk pistol with animated textures
  • Linden, DCS/roleplay rounds and two CCS rounds
  • Ammo indicator lights and mosquito repeller light
  • Audible ammo exhausted indicator
  • High detail, low lag, optimised scripting for best possible performance under all conditions
  • Custom animations and sounds
  • Free updates for life
  • Voice commands on selectable channel
  • Draw holster and reload gestures

Quick start instructions

  1. Rezz the box, open it and copy the contents to inventory.
  2. Find the folder called '[Delta] Steam Pistol v1.10'
  3. Right click and select Add to Outfit from the menu


  1. What's in the box
  2. Using the gun
  3. Customizing the gun
  4. Voice commands
  5. Damage and statistics
  6. Hints and tips

1. What's in the box

In the folder you have unpacked you will find

  • the steam pistol
  • the hostered pistol
  • a set of gestures to simplify operation of the weapons
  • your Delta service terminal
  • a pose stand to help you fit the gun

The weapons gestures and voice commands are pre-set to Channel 5. Should you change this, the gestures will need to be modified to reflect the new channel. All voice commands referred to in this manual assume the default channel of 5

The update script is in the pistol.

2. Using the gun

In these instructions it is assumed that you have the command channel set to 5.

To draw the weapon you may either:

  • left click on the slung weapon
  • type /5draw in chat
  • or press the Shift F11 key to engage the gesture

To fire the weapon, draw it, enter Mouselook by clicking on the mouselook button or pressing the M key while the main chat is disabled, and click the left mouse button. To exit Mouselook, press your Esc key or press the M key again.

To holster the weapon,

  • left click on the slung weapon
  • type /5holster in the main chat
  • or press the Shift F10 key to start the gesture.

The weapon has a 6 round capacity (magazine) and is reloaded manually by typing /5reload in chat, using the supplied gesture (Shift F9). This weapon has automatic reload switched off by default, meaning that when it's empty you will need to manually reload it. You can enable autoreload by typing /5 autoreload on

The front handle illuminates when the CCS round is loaded. The rear handle illuminates when the CCS stamina round is loaded. The bell sounds when the gun is empty.

3. Customizing the gun

The gun is supplied at the largest size you are likely to want, but is resizable. Supplying a big gun and letting you make it smaller makes for a better looking end result than supplying a smaller one that some users will want to enlarge. Resizing the gun is a slowish process but you need only do it once.

Wear the gun and the holster. You may find it easiest to work while standing on the supplied pose stand with one of the gun anims selected. Type /5resize in chat. The resize menu will appear. You can now make adjustments to the gun's size as you require, within limits. Resizing is quite slow - wait until you see the 'Done' message from both gun and holster before using the gun again; if you detach either or crash during resize that item will probably be broken. Make sure you keep a copy of the gun as supplied (or the product box) in case you mess it up. Choosing Reset returns gun and holster to the size shipped.

Like all enhanced CCS weapons the steam pistol is no mod. You cannot resize it in the editor.

You can also adjust the position of pistol and holster on your avatar though you cannot attach to another point - again this is a CCS restriction. The pose stand supplied contains the gun animations so that you an judge how the gun will appear in action.

4. Voice commands

By default voice commands are given on channel 5. You can change this using the /5channel command. If you forget which channel you selected touch the drawn gun and it will tell you. If you change the channel you will need to edit the supplied gestures.

drawDraws the weapon
holsterHolsters the weapon
guideOpens this page
helpGets a copy of the Quick Reference
ccsbSets the bullet for CCS sims
ccsbsSets the alternative (stamina damage) CCS bullet
ldbSets the bullet for Linden Damage
rpbSets the roleplay kinetic bullet for DCS and other roleplay sims
autoreload on/offSwitch autoreload on or off
statSee gun status
channelSets the channel for voice commands (default 5)
resizeShows the resize menu, which allows you to adjust the size of the gun.

5. Damage and statistics

  • Bullet capacity: 6
  • Time between shots: Instant
  • Time to reload an empty weapon: 4 seconds
  • Effective range of weapon: Around 75m
  • CCS Damage output: Will do base +20 (10 LIFE, 10 MELE)
  • CCS stamina damage output: 20
  • Linden Damage output: 100%

6. Hints and tips

Mouselook Zoom:

Zoom in mouselook - Invaluable for distance work, press Ctrl-8 to zoom out, Ctrl-0 (zero) to zoom in and Ctrl-9 to reset it to normal. The zoom factor WILL mean the difference between hit & miss on far away targets. You get up to 13x nearer...

Note: Stand still and use single shot for sniping, it's a lot more accurate

Don't forget to Ctrl-9 when done, it's really weird doing anything in normal mode at 13x zoom.

Draw Distance:

From your Client's menu, pick Edit > Preferences, go into 'Graphics', look for 'Draw Distance' and change this value to up to 512m for those far away targets. Just don't forget to change it back to the original value when you're done, as it takes a lot of machine resource to draw all the objects in a 512m wide area.

Change log

  • Added autoreload
  • Changed CCS damage to %
  • Release