Delta service terminals are available in the main store and some other stores. If you use Viewer 2 you can also use them to browse this website.

Redelivery terminals can deliver any item you bought from Delta in world.


Delivery issues

If you bought an item from one of our vendors and it hasn't arrived, the first thing to do is try a redelivery terminal. There is a redelivery terminal in the main shop and in some other shops: see the directory. The redelivery terminal will allow you to redeliver any item you have bought from Delta at any time. If the redelivery terminal cannot deliver either please contact us in-world or by email as below.

If you bought an item on xstreet and it hasn't been delivered please start by submitting a ticket to Linden Labs. This enables xstreet to keep track of delivery issues, which can be caused by a host of different issues. Xstreet can normally either redeliver the failed item or refund the purchase amount. If you still have problems after filing a ticket please contact us.

A few of our older item are sold as 'keycards'; instead of getting the product you get a digital certificate which you rezz to get the product. You need to follow instructions here: you rezz the certificate and then click it, and our server will give you the product box. If you treat the certificate as though it were a product and try to unpack it you will find you only have a script and a notecard. In this case just rezz it again.

Payment issues

Nearly all Delta products are copy, so there is no point in buying more than one. If you accidentally pay twice we will normally contact you and refund the extra payment; if we don't please contact one of us.

Because items are copy it's impossible to return them, so we won't normally reimburse you for a product you bought but don't want any more.


All Delta Products come with unlimited free support and updates. In most cases updates are handled automatically by including an update script in the product. In other cases you will need to ask for an update or they will be distributed by our mailer.

You can see whether your product is up-to-date by checking the version list on the products page. Most products have a stat command that tells you the version you have; failing that, check the product box or the folder name. If your version is out of data just attach it and you should receive a new one. If you don't then make a support request as below.

Web-based support

Most products have a page of documentation on this website in the products section. These pages have a FAQ paragraph with common support issues related to that product.

Support group

The Delta Project second life group is often the fastest way to get support. Any staff who are online will be watching messages in the group and will try to help straight away; there are also some very knowledgable other members of the group who may be able to offer advice if no staff are available.

You can join the group by finding it in Search and joining (there is no charge) or by clicking a service terminal and selecting Group.

In-world support

Any members of staff will be happy to help you if you IM. Inside the main shop there is a board that shows which members of staff are online, and this can also be used to send IMs.

Email support

You can submit support issues by sending email to


Deltamail is our mailing system. Second life group notices are unreliable and most people do not have spare groups to join for support, so maintaining an external mailing list is a sensible option. There are only two ways to get on the list: buy a product or join using a support terminal. We do not add people simply because they visit the shop or make an enquiry.

If you want to be removed from the list simply find a service terminal (for example there is one in the main shop), click it and select Mailing list: if you are a member it will ask if you want to be removed. Once removed you will not be added again unless you use a service terminal to join.