Tac belt

Version 1.00

The tac belt is a collection of CCS enhanced tools mounted on a wearable belt. The collection includes a knife, a tox spray, grenades, anti-pursuit devices, a grappling hook, a shield, a gas mask and a comm. Each enhancement costs at most one racial point, so the belt provides a handy collection of tools for new CCS players as well as some interesting items for veterans.


  • Left hand battle knife with CCS enhanced damage
  • Grappling hook
  • DX-7 comm
  • Neurotox spray
  • Anti-personnal and stun grenades
  • Anti-pursuit capsules (ice and napalm)
  • Pouch for your own items
  • Shield
  • Gas mask
  • Torch
  • Free updates for life

Quick start instructions

  • Rezz the box, open it and copy the contents to inventory.
  • Find the folder called '[Delta] Tac belt v1.00'
  • Wear the object called 'Tac belt' (attaches to waist). Don't attach the other items until you want to use them.


  1. What's in the box
  2. The belt
  3. The grappling hook
  4. The DX7 comm
  5. The Knife
  6. The pouch
  7. The neurotox spray
  8. The anti-pursuit devices
  9. The grenades
  10. The shield
  11. The gas mask
  12. Torch
  13. Damage details

1. What's in the box

In the folder you have unpacked you will find

  • the tacbelt (which includes the DX-7 comm)
  • the Knife
  • the pouch
  • the spray
  • two grenades
  • two anti-pursuit devices
  • the grappling hook
  • the shield
  • the gas mask
  • a number of gestures
  • a pose stand to help you fit the knife
  • a quick reference card for the belt and another for the DX-7 comm

2. The belt

The belt itself has a menu as follows, obtainable by clicking anywhere, or by using the F11 gesture.

The menu items are:

  1. Light
  2. Pouch
  3. Resize
  4. Help
  5. Guide

The resizer is slightly more complicated than those in our guns. There are two reasons for this: first, you want to resize the belt but not the attached items, and second, peoples' waists are not of a uniform cross section so that if you make the belt fit perfectly crosswise it may be wrong front to back. To address this, the resizer works in three modes: XY (adjusts all round), X (hip tp hip only) and Y (front to back only).

3. The Grappling Hook

The grappling hook allows you to cast a line between two points and swing yourself along it. It costs nothing to use.

Attach the grappling hook. Now go to mouse look and find the place where you want to travel to. The rope will attach to the first point it hits, provided it is within 64m and in the same region. A rope should now appear.

Click the rope and you will be suspended from the nearer end. Now you can use the forward and back keys to move along the rope. If the animation makes you appear too high or too low you can use the up and down keys to get your hands over the rope. You can move on the rope until you stand or move over the end.

Think before you cast! If the far end of the rope abuts a sheer wall then when you reach the end you will fall down. Try to cast the rope over the spot you want to reach and drop onto it.

In most CCS sims use of devices like this is illegal during combat.

4. The DX-7 Comm

See the separate manual page:

Note that the comm works all the time the belt is attached; there is no need to attach a special object.

DX-7 comm

5. The Knife

See the separate manual page:

Unlike the standalone knife, the one supplied with the tacbelt does not need to be drawn or sheathed. It is ready for use as soon as it is attached.

  • Knife

  • 6. The Pouch

    The pouch is just a bag in which you can store anything you like. To get you started we have put an Aragorn dummy into it.

    To rez items in the pouch use the pouch menu on the belt. Simply choose the item you want and it will be rezzed just ahead of you.

    To add an item, find the pouch in inventory and rezz it on the ground. Now you must add your item to the pouch, which you can do by opening it and dragging the item in. The item will now be added automatically to the pouch on the belt and the rezzed pouch will vanish.

    Don't add no copy items to the pouch.

    7. The Neurotox Spray

    The spray contains 30 seconds worth of toxic spray. On attachment, it will take one racial point. You can then use the spray at whatever rate you like until it is exhausted, at which point the spray will detach. To use the spray simply depress the mouse button and point it at whoever you want to spray.

    The spray is short range and fairly directional: everyone in its range will be poisoned, unless they resist the poison. A quick spray is usually enough, unless you want to turn or run around to spray a wider area. The spray won't try to poison the same person twice in a single spray; if your target resists, stop spraying and start again.

    8. The Anti-pursuit Devices

    There are two types of anti-pursuit device. An anti-pursuit device is a small silver ball that breaks on impact with the ground and spreads a patch to deter pursuers. One of the two devices spreads ice, causing pursuers to trip up; the other spreads a small amout of napalm, which catches fire and deters pursuit.

    Each device is stored in a small bottle containing five capsules. To use one, attach the bottle and it will take one racial point. You can then drop up to five balls.

    The APD works slightly differently from grenades because when you are trying to escape pursuit you probably don't want to go to mouselook. To drop a capsule just press the mouse button. You need to move while doing this or you will be damaged by your own device.

    9. The Grenades

    There are two grenades, anti-personnel (red) and stun (blue).

    The grenades can be thrown and will affect everyone in a 7m range when they explode. When you attach the grenade thrower, it will take one racial point, and you can then throw three grenades. Simply click the mouse to throw, remembering that a grenade travels quite slowly, so you need to lob them up in the air if they are to go any distance.

    After you have thrown a grenade you can't throw another for 5 seconds.

    10. The Shield

    The shield offers two minutes of enhanced protection at the cost of one racial point.

    Simply attach the shield and click it - unlike other devices in the belt it attaches to the stomach, leaving your left hand free to use the knife. The enhancement won't start until you click, so you can wear the shield as a precaution but only charge it when needed.

    When the enhancememnt expires the shield detaches. You cannot reattach it until a minutes has passed.

    The shield adds CCS armor. It is not a shield in the normal sl sense of the word, that is, it will not prevent you from being hit by physical projectiles.

    11. The Gas Mask

    The gas mask is worn on the chin and will protect the wearer from poison gas; after 5 uses it loses its protective capability.

    The gas mask contains a resizer in case it doesn't fit you. Just click the mask and follow the instructions. All Delta resizers are one-script low lag resizers.

    12. Torch

    The torch is mounted on the front panel.

    To activate the torch use the Light entry on the main menu. The light menu allows you to choose the length of the beam, or turn the light off. If you select Auto the torch will try (by raycasting) to work out what you are looking at and tailor the beam length to illuminate that. This works better in mouselook than out because in mouselook there is more precise control over where the avatar faces.

    The Dark setting creates a torch effect but sheds no light.

    13. Damage details

    Tacbelt knife (enhanced)30s10+1% LIFE
    Neurotox spray30s30s POISON (20) per person
    APD (ice)ca 90s (temp rezz)10s WEAK per person
    APD (napalm)ca 90s (temp rezz)30s DOT (10) per person
    Grenade (anti-personnel)3-10% LIFE in 7m
    Grenade (stun)35s DAZE, 1% STAMINA in 7m
    Shield2 mins (1 min cooldown)50 ARMOR
    Gas mask5 usesRemoves POISON

    Each enhancement costs one racial point.


    Most of the components were originally made by Scio Kamachi for the unscripted Delta tacbelt. The gas mask was licensed from Syke Voix, who sells an unscripted version himself. Syke has a number of other interesting roleplay items that may be of interest: see his web site http://syketek.netai.net. The knife is based on the Strider Knife sold by Delta as a separate item; for this release it was given a new sculpt blade.

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