Kamachi Tachi (太刀)

The finely polished blade of Delta's flagship Tachi sword gives little indication of the decades of war and bloodletting this weapon has taken part in, handed down through the generations dating back to the feudal Edo era, passed father to son in the Kamachi family till today.

Why it has come into your possession and care matters little: the important thing is you understand that you must protect this treasure with your life, fear nothing, trust in what you now hold in your hands and your enemy will fall before you like the leaves of autumn.

What you now hold is an amalgamation of the most ancient swordsmithing techniques combined with the latest innovations in Nano-technology but infused with something else you can't put a name to, a feeling you get as you hold it in your hands, comforting but terrifying at the same time.

That feeling you sense is Death, the countless souls cut down with this weapon, the oceans of blood it has let loose upon the earth.

The sword is light and lively in your hand, despite its size, as you swing it around to get a feel for it, you start to bond with the weapon, its spirit bonding with yours making it feel more and more like an extension of your hand with every swing.

While playing with it, you notice a small hidden button near the Tsuba (the guard) and when you depress it, a charged particle plasma field envelops the blade, revealing to you that this is no ordinary sword...


  • CCS extra damage based on player level
  • Chance of stamina gain from player attacked
  • High detail, low lag, optimized scripting for best possible performance under all conditions
  • Free updates for life
  • Animated and with sounds
  • Voice command (channel 5)
  • Gestures included (sheathe, unsheathe, ccs enhanced)
  • Customize color
  • Resizable
  • Web based documentation

Quick start instructions

Quick start instructions

  1. Rezz the box, open it and copy the contents to inventory.
  2. Find the folder called '[Delta]Kamachi Tatsu-Tachi v1.6'
  3. Wear the object called 'Kamachi Tatsu-Tachi' - it attaches to the right hand.
  4. Wear the object called 'Kamachi Tatsu-Tachi (sheath)' - it attaches to the left hip.
  5. Activate the gestures in the folder.


  1. What's in the box
  2. The Tachi in detail
  3. Voice commands
  4. Resizing and recoloring
  5. Hints and tips

1. What's in the box

In the folder you have unpacked you will find

  • the Tachi and the sheathed version of the Tachi
  • a set of gestures to simplify operation of the weapons
  • a quick reference card
  • a pose stand in case you want to resize or refit the weapons

The weapons gestures and voice commands are pre-set to Channel 5. Should you change this, the gestures will need to be modified to reflect the new channel. All voice commands referred to in this manual assume the default channel of 5

2. The Tachi in detail

The Tachi is a melee weapon that grows with the user. It has ten charge profiles, each with its own stamina cost. Higher charge levels are unlocked as the user attains higher CCS levels; but lower levels remain available for those not wishing to incur the higher stamina cost involved.

The Tachi also offers the user the chance of regaining stamina by causing damage; the more stamina you use to charge the blade, the more you may recover.

The charge on the Tachi does not have a fixed duration: it decreases each time the blade is used. Lower levels only lose 1 point per use; at the top level the charge decreases at the rate of 5 points per use. Users will need to decide whether the initial higher damage justifies the extra stamina cost given their shorter duration. The top levels are only for the fittest!

If your stamina falls to 0 the charge on the blade will be drained.

Power levelCCS levelsAdded damageCostDecay rate
11 - 10520 STAMINA1
211 - 201040 STAMINA1
321 - 302060 STAMINA1
431 - 403080 STAMINA1.5
541 - 5040100 STAMINA1.5
651 - 6050120 STAMINA2
761 - 7060140 STAMINA2
871 - 8070160 STAMINA2.5
981 - 9080180 STAMINA2.5
1091 - 10090200 STAMINA3

Added damage decreases as specified for every swing until the damage output is back to normal.

Stamina steal converts some of the damage dealt out into a stamina gain for you. It works like this: every sixth successful hit, there is a 3 in 4 chance that you will recover 65% of the damage caused to your opponent, converted into stamina for you.

Remember, these effects only apply when the particle field is ON. Not activating the charge will allow normal use of the blade without any enhancement or negative effect, sheathing the blade will also deactivate the charge cycle.

To unsheathe the blade you may either:

  • Left click on the bracer
  • type /5unsheathe in chat
  • hit the F9 key to engage the gesture

To sheathe the blade again type /5sheathe in the main chat or hit the Shift-F9 key to start the gesture.

To engage the enhanced CCS charge cycle type /5scharge in the main chat or hit the Control-F9 key to engage the gesture.This will give you the highest level you are allowed. To charge to a lower level type /5charge n where n is the level you want.

3. Voice commands

unsheatheDraws the blade
sheatheSheathes the blade
schargeActivates CCS enhancement
chargeActivates lower level CCS enhancement
resizeResizes the blade
channelSets channel for voice commands
colorChanges to the required color
statGet Tachi data
helpGet Quick Reference card
guideAccess online guide

4. Resizing and recoloring

The Tachi cannot be resized in the editor as it is no mod. However, you may adjust the size using a menu. To obtain consistent results wear both the sheathed and the unsheathed Tachi at the same time.

Wear the weapon and the sheath, *draw the weapon* and say /5resize in chat. Although the weapon is drawn, the sheathed form will also appear; this is so you can keep an eye on both as you resize them. A menu of options also appears: either choose the amount by which you want to increase or decrease the size, or select Reset to restore the weapon to its size when shipped. The menu reappears until you select Done.

When you choose a resize option, the blade and sheath have to resize prim by prim. This may take a little time. Don't issue another command or otherwise us the blade until both blade and sheath have told you they are done. Make sure you keep a copy of the original blade in case you mess it up. Note: You can get the latest package at any time from a Delta redelivery terminal.

Resizing the weapon may slightly change its shape. The blade prim in particular is already as thin as a second life prim can be, and so it will get no thinner. You must judge what looks acceptable. A lower size limit has been imposed to prevent the weapons being shrunk to the point of invisibility.

To recolor the weapon, make sure you are wearing both blade and sheath. Draw the blade and then issue the voice command /5color. A menu of colors will appear; the color of the tip will change to the color you selected.

5. Hints and tips


You cannot use CCS melee weapons with mouselook enabled.

Clicking for combat:

To use a CCS sword you hold the left mouse button down. If the cursor is over a scripted object when you do this, CCS will not receive your click. Make sure you click on land or some non-scripted object. If in doubt watch the cursor: over a scripted object it turns into a hand.

Melee speed

The speed of CCS melee is often misunderstood. In CCS, it is the meter that generates the damage to your opponent; all the blade does is to play some animations. The speed at which you mash the keys determines how much damage you can do; but even in lag free sims CCS won't accept more than about three strokes per second so there is no point at all typing faster than that. This restriction applies even if you don't wear a sword at all, though that is illegal in CCS.

The animations in our blades are designed to look good at the maximum rate CCS will take damage, about three strokes per second. This makes for nice appearance and also enables you to pace your strokes at the best rate. If you type faster than that, animation stroked will be dropped (this is a change: they used to be truncated) but this has no effect on damage done.

In summary, if you type faster than three strokes per second you get no extra damage and it actually looks slower.

Change log

  • New set of animations amd sounds
  • Removed sway
  • Removed color cube
  • Corrected spelling of sheathe (was sheath) and unsheathe (was unsheath) commands
  • Fixed incorrect zero stamina detection
  • CCS API 2.5
  • Fixed HUD attachment exploit
  • Added stat command
  • Added resizer and removed prebuilt small version
  • Added web documentation
  • Adjusted damage levels and made absolute and not percentage
  • Adjusted levelling table and levels up to CCS level 100
  • Added charge command to allow lower cost charging by high level players
  • Added color cube
  • Made command channel selectable
  • Enhanced animations
  • Upgrade to CCS API 2.3d API
  • Re-optimised the CCS Scripting for greater efficiency
  • Compiled in Mono
  • Added the Stamina Steal CCS enhancement
  • Updated to the latest API
  • Amended the animation and sound timings to better match the new CCS melee delay, and to avoid the Linden 'too many sounds' bug
  • Fixed melee animation priorities to over ride AO's during combat
  • Release