The Delta target is a nine ring archery-style target designed for use in shooting contests and also used by Delta Project engineers to test guns under development. It supports concurrent displays for up to three shooters and has a wide range of feedback options.


  • Nine ring target
  • Impact location and direction markers
  • Accurate distance control
  • Support for up to three shooters
  • Feedback options from individual to sim wide notification
  • Access control (all, group, owner)
  • Sizeable from 0.5m up to 10m
  • Choice of 5 target textures
  • Just one permanent prim (extra clearable ones to show impacts)

Quick start instructions

  1. Rezz the box, open it and copy the contents to inventory.
  2. Find the folder called '[Delta] Target v1.0'
  3. Rezz the object 'Delta target'
  4. Shoot it!


  1. Using the target
  2. Menu options

1. Using the target

In the box you will find: the target, a two prim phantom version of the target, a notecard and a full perms channel relay that you can modify as you like.

Rez the target somewhere suitable. Now all you have to do is shoot at it.

When you hit the target it will tell you your name and also your score (9 for the inner ring decreasing to 1 for the outer). It will also optionally rez a coloured marker to record your hit.

If you stand within 20m of the target that's all there is to it. If you want to move further away you will beed to change the feedback mode, because you will be out of the chat range of the target. The next table shows how you can do this.

Distance from targetSelect mode...
Up to 10mWhisper
Up to 20mSay
Up to 100mShout
Same simRegion Say. Rez the Channel 7 realy next to you
Different simShooter say or owner say

If you are in a sim with others you may wish to skip the shout setting and go straight to region say or instant message, as they are less intrusive.

You will find that over a certain distance, you can't see the target any more. This is where the two prim version comes in handy: it's just the same target but linked to a 7m invisible cube to make it visible from far away. As a 7m cube may prove a little intrusive, this one has been made phantom, so you should not be aware of the presence of the larger prim.

2. Menu options

To get the menu, click the target. Access control determines who can access the menu.

ClearRemove rezzed markers. This is only necessary if you have set the board to rezz permanent markers. Remember to clear markers when you are done because they can use up prims very fast.
ColourSet marker color for new markers
DistanceReport distance from the target of the user that clicked it
SetDistSet distance. The target is actually a 'seat' and this option sets the 'sit' position the required distance in front of it. You can then sit and you will be the right distance away. In CCS you may find you shoot yourself if you remain seated and are combattant.
FeedbackThis gets the feedback menu, which is described below and allows you to configure how the target reports hits.
MarkersSets markers: no markers, temp rezz markers or permanent markers. Temp rezz are handy because they clear themselves after about 90 seconds, but if you want to keep results for several shooters using different colors you probably need to set permanent markers.
SizeSet target size
TextureSet pattern (5 available)
AccessThis option only appears for the owner and allows menu access to be restricted to same group or owner only.
StatShow target status in chat
HelpGets a card with garbled version of this page
ExitDon't do any of the above. Select this rather than ignore or the target will sleep for 30 seconds.

Feedback modes are as follows

Shooter SayReport by IM to the last person that shot the target
Owner SayReport by IM to the target owner
Own Say/WSame and also whisper
WhisperWhisper (within 10m)
SaySay (within 20m)
ShoutShout (100m). This is inconsiderate if you are in a sim with other people.
Reg Say (7)Region say on channel 7. This is the only way other than IM to hear from further away than 100m. You need a device to hear what is said on channel 7 and repeat it in chat. A sample full perms dvide is included.

Change log

  • Corrected order of access menu
  • Release