The Delta Project team

The easiest way to contact the Delta team is to send an instant message in world. There is a board just inside the main store showing which of us is online and clicking on that will usually put you in touch with a member of staff immediately. If noone is around leave an offline IM and we will get back to you. If you prefer to send an email you can click this link.

Delta Warden (admin)

DW is the business genius who drives the Delta team to ever greater levels of achievement. Rarely found in-world, he devotes most of his time to the pursuit of his delta-funded playboy lifestyle, but he can occasionally be persuaded to jet home to set out a vendor or feed a rent meter. He is one of the few CCS roleplayers who has contrived to remain at level one for his entire roleplay career. His dress sense has taken the fashion world of Secod Life by storm and he is booked to model a new range of grey T-shirts just as soon as he gets back from his next world cruise.

Maldoror Bowman (scripting)

Maldoror is the Delta Project scripter, programmer, documenter and store sweeper. He was one of the earliest settlers in the Lost Angels roleplay sim, and his first scripting projects were devices for the syndicate, the COLA human faction. He was one of the first developers to script CCS API weapons, and is an active member of the CCS developer group, always willing to help other developers with technical issues. If found gazing into the middle distance with an idiotic expression on his face he is probably hacking a php script and should be left in peace.

Stephanie Picnic (sales and support)

Stephanie is a long time CCS role player in the City of Lost Angels and adjoining sims. She is a medic by trade and loves to help others, which is why she works as a Shop girl for Delta. She enjoys helping people no matter where she is, in a Role Play sim or in the Main showroom of Delta Corp. Feel free to contact stephanie if she is in sim or not and she will do her best to come running to help in anyway she can.