Welrod Pistol

Brought to you by the Delta Project in collaboration with Eric Boccara

The Welrod pistol was a special operations weapon made during WWII by Station XI at Welwyn Garden City near London. It was designed for use by special forces and resistance groups as an assassin's pistol, and so many of the strange features of the gun are explained by the requirement that its operation should be as quiet as possible.

Fewer than 3000 Welrods were made and only a small number survive. Probably the most exhaustive account of the architecture is http://www.timelapse.dk/welrod.php and our model is based on the pictures and diagrams there. Where there were variations we have followed the mkIIa specification. Clean and rusty versions are included.

This gun is perhaps unique in Second Life in that it is not drawn but assembled out of its component parts (frame, barrel, grip, ejector). It comes with animations for single and double handed use as well as a hidden mode where the gun is held behind the back until fired.

The Welrod has enhanced ammunition for CCS and ammunition suitable for other Second Life combat systems and for Linden damage. It has quite a short range but is very effective at close quarters.


  • Accurate model of the WWII special ops Welrod pistol (rusty and clean versins included)
  • Detailed animation for assembly from parts
  • Single and double handed animations and hidden hold
  • Choice of three bullets (CCS, Roleplay, Linden damage)
  • Voice commands on selectable channel, gestures for assemble, disassemble and reload
  • Free updates for life

Quick start instructions

  • Rezz the box, open it and copy the contents to inventory.
  • Find the folder called '[Delta] Welrod Pistol v1.0'
  • Wear the object called 'Welrod Pistol' (it attaches to the right hand), the object called 'Welrod Pistol Parts' (it attaches to the left hand)
  • or
  • Wear the object called 'Rusty Welrod Pistol' (it attaches to the right hand), the object called 'Rusty Welrod Pistol Parts' (it attaches to the left hand)
  • Activate the gestures in the folder.


  1. What's in the box
  2. Using the gun
  3. Ammunition
  4. Advanced features
  5. Voice commands
  6. Damage and statistics
  7. Hints and tips
  8. Troubleshooting

1. What's in the box

In the folder you have unpacked you will find

  • the Welrod Pistol
  • the Welrod Pistol Parts
  • the Rusty Welrod Pistol
  • the Rusty Welrod Pistol Parts
  • a set of gestures to simplify operation of the weapons
  • a pose stand to help you fit the gun

The weapons gestures and voice commands are pre-set to Channel 5. Should you change this, the gestures will need to be modified to reflect the new channel. All voice commands referred to in this manual assume the default channel of 5

2. Using the gun

In these instructions it is assumed that you have the command channel set to 5.

The Welrod is not drawn but assembled. For the assemble animation to look right you need to wear the Parts object corresponding to the gun yiou use in the left hand.

To assemble the weapon you may either:

  • type /5assemble or /5draw in chat
  • or press the Shift F11 key to engage the gesture

To fire the weapon, draw it, enter Mouselook by clicking on the mouselook button or pressing the M key while the main chat is disabled, and click the left mouse button. To exit Mouselook, press your Esc key or press the M key again.

To disassemble the weapon,

  • type /5disassemble or /5holsterin the main chat
  • or press the Shift F10 key to start the gesture.

The gun's capacity is 8 bullets. You can reload as follows:

  • type /5reload in the main chat
  • press the Shift F9 key to start the gesture

By default the gun reloads automatically when it is empty. You can disable this behaviour using the autoreload command.

3. Ammunition

There are three bullet types available:

ccsbCCS enhanced damageFor use in CCS sims
rpbKinetic damageFor use in roleplay sims where collision with a fast physical object causes damage (DCS for example). Kinetic ammo does 5 damage under CCS.
ldbLinden damageFor use damage enabled land (where you see a heart at the top of the screen)

To activate a bullet simply use the name as a voice command.

4. Advanced features

Changing weapon listen channel

You can change the channel on which voice commands are issued. Use the voice command /5channel N where N is the new channel

Weapon status

Touching the gun allows you to check the current settings of your weapon.

Information displayed includes:

  • Gun name and version
  • Active ammo
  • Remaining bullets
  • Voice channel
  • Online help URL


There are three animation sets, onehand, twohand and secret. To select a set simply use its name as a voice command, for example /5onehand.

5. Voice commands

By default voice commands are given on channel 5. You can change this using the /5channel command. If you forget which channel you selected touch the drawn gun and it will tell you. If you change the channel you will need to edit the supplied gestures.

All commands are case insensitive.

assembleDraws the weapon
Draws the weapon
disassembleHolsters the weapon
holsterHolsters the weapon
autoreload on/offEnable/disable autoreload.
particles on/offEnable/disable muzzle particles
onehandOne hand animations
twohandTwo hand animations
hiddenHidden animations
ccsbSets ammo for CCS sims
ldbSets ammo for Linden Damage
rpbSets roleplay kinetic ammo for DCS and other roleplay sims
channelSets the channel for voice commands (default 5)
statGun data
helpGets quick reference card
guideOpens this page

6. Damage and statistics

  • Bullet capacity: 8
  • Time between shots: 0.3 seconds
  • Time to reload an empty weapon: 5 seconds
  • Bullet speed: 45 m/s
  • Effective range of weapon: 30m

CCS ammo

  • Bullet base damage + 4% LIFE (6% if two-handed anims are used)

RP ammo

  • RP system dependent

LD ammo

  • Bullet 100 damage

7. Hints and tips


  • All bullets are scripted in lsl rather than mono to save script space.

8. Troubleshooting

Please read the following before reporting a problem.

  • My gun doesn't respond to commands! Did you change the voice channel? Click the gun to see what it is.
  • My gun is stuck! Rezz a new gun from the product box. If you have lost that you can get one from a redelivery terminal.
  • My gun isn't doing enhanced damage but I'm in a CCS sim Occasionally the CCS API server is offline. Make sure you are a member of the CCS Support group and check group notices.
  • I tested my gun on Aragorn and it still does no CCS damage. CCS enhanced damage doesn't work on objects, only on avatars.
  • I got a message starting INTERNAL ERROR Not your fault! Those should never happen. Contact support and give as many details as possible.
If you need to report a problem, please use the support board in the Delta shop. This will put you straight in touch with a member of staff if one is online and will allow you to leave an IM otherwise.


Anton Tven suggested this project. Eric Boccara made the gun and the animations, and also made the video. Rico Pliss made the ad image. The Delta QA group helped find bugs.

Thanks to the http://www.timelapse.dk/welrod.php website for their very detailed information about the welrod.

Change log

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